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An Inside Peek: Product Sales for Samardan Press...

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With a number of small publishers posting information on their blogs about the number of copies of their products that have sold, I figured I'd do the same. Since I only use Lulu, and since Lulu doesn't provide the level of detail I'd prefer, I will simply post the number of products of each type that I've sold since being posted on the Samardan Press storefront.

Fantasy Concepts Campaign Resource -- Download: 89 (from Nov 2007)
Fantasy Concepts Campaign Resource (softcover) -- Print: 18 (from Nov 2007)

Flynn's Guide To Alien Creation -- Download: 47 (from May 2009)
Flynn's Guide To Alien Creation -- Print: 17 (from May 2009)

Flynn's Guide to Magic in Traveller -- Download: 14 (from Oct 2009)
Flynn's Guide to Magic in Traveller -- Print: 5 (from Oct 2009)

Modern Options: The Tome Of Talents -- Download: 18 (from July 2006)

OGL Alternatives: Alternate Advancement System -- Download: 28 (from Sept 2006)

One-Act Adventure: Vengeance By Proxy -- Download: 9 (from Sept 2009)
One-Act Adventure: Vengeance By Proxy -- Print: 6 (from Sept 2009)

My older products still continue to make the occasional sale from time to time, but not really enough to count on. The items that sell well, and continue to provide decent sales over time, are the products with a page count that exceeds 30 pages. With this experience, I consider a small product (30 pages or less) to be a success if its numbers exceed 20, and I can apparently count on about 15 sales over the first six months. A larger product (more than 30 pages) can be considered a success if the number of sales exceeds 50, and I can expect at least 20 sales over the first six months. This helps me to set my expectations, and hopefully this information will help others in setting their own expectations.

I only have one fantasy product, Fantasy Concepts, and that definitely sold better than my generic/modern stuff. The Traveller products are still my personal favorites, and they sale well, so I think there are those Traveller fans out there that enjoy the work I put into them. In the coming year, I am working on a variety of products, some fantasy-based and some Traveller-based, so I'll have more information by this time next year to see where I should be putting my focus.

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James said...

Well, I was one of the 89 d/l of Fantasy Concepts! Looking forward to your upcoming work.