Thursday, January 07, 2010

MyD20 Lite Player's Guide: Going Into Layout...

Good Morning, All:

I am beginning to feel that I am close enough to a final version of the MyD20 Lite Player's Guide that I can start working on layout, adding art and such for publication purposes. I will likely offer two versions of a softcover book (one economy on publisher-grade paper and one on the nicer paper for a few bucks more, basically to cover the difference in publishing costs), and a hardcover for those that might want it in the more durable format. No worries; I'll keep the prices reasonably low, since the economy is hitting all of us hard.

With Warm Regards,


James said...

Sounds great, Flynn. What art will you be using?

Flynn said...

Like most of my projects, I'll be using predominately public domain artwork, although I'll try to supplement with some purchased pieces, if I can afford to do so. My vision is much like that found in Fantasy Concepts, in terms of flavor and inspiration.

Hope This Helps,