Saturday, January 02, 2010

MyD20 Lite Update: 01/02/10...

Good Morning, All:

I'm going to have to make two posts today, in order to keep up with my New Year's Resolution in regards to blogging. The first post I'm making for today is to provide an update on MyD20 Lite, for those who are interested in my Swords & Wizardry variant rules set.

First, I'll be posting an updated version of the Player's Guide early next week. This version will contain new racial talents, as well as a talent guide that provides a list of available talents at a glance for easier character creation. In addition, I will be including an outline of the character creation process, to provide a reference for players in creating their characters. The goal here is simply to speed up character creation.

Second, I'm working on the generation of monster stats for the Referee's Guide. The two biggest parts of the mechanical portion of the Referee's Guide are simply Monsters and Treasure. The rest of it is the synthesis of advice on Refereeing games and creating adventures and campaigns, as well as an accumulation of game mechanics for specific elements that were not included in the Player's Guide. Of the three parts, I think that the Monster stats are probably the hardest to produce, so that will be my focus for the time being.

Once the basics of monster stats are created, I'll post a rough draft of the Referee's Guide for your consideration, and begin taking suggestions on additions, subtraction and modifications that will improve its content.

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James said...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!