Friday, October 01, 2010

Hollow Earth: Should I Develop It For Publication?

Good Morning, All:

I have a quick question for the readers, given my recent fascination with the concept of the Hollow Earth campaign idea. I like this concept enough that I'll likely run it as my next campaign setting, so I know that I'll be doing further development on this as time permits. However, I've noticed that there's been a lot of comments on those posts, and so now I thought I would ask the readers: Should I develop the setting for publication? Is there enough interest to warrant that extra work? If I did this, it would likely be in the first three months of next year before I'd be ready to release such a book, given the other projects that are in line before it. This is your chance to impact my production schedule. Every vote counts.

What are your thoughts?

With Regards,


Anonymous said...

I don't advise people lightly when it comes to whether they should invest their time and brain in a projects, 'cause I have at least 10 half-realised settings on the backburner so...

Given the ggod stuff you've come up with so far, I vote YES, you can do it, it's worth pursuing!

Trey said...

I'd take a "wait and see" attitude. If your zeal for it continues and you get the work in, then by all means.