Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Ritualist: Some Pact Gifts of the First Rank...

Good Evening, All:

Below are a few examples of the rituals/pact gifts I'm creating for the Ritualist. Bear in mind that these are effectively spell-like abilities, and can be used every round unless otherwise stated in the description of the ability. Please look them over and let me know what you think.

Acid Spittle
Rank: 1 (Universal); Rng: 30 ft.; Dur: One attack; ST: None
With this granted ability, you may spit acid once per round at a single target within range. If the attack succeeds, the target suffers 1d4 points of acid damage. Using this ability more than once within the same hour makes you ravenous, as you must eat to replenish your body after being drained through the use of this power.

Dark Blessing
Rank: 1 (Universal); Rng: Touch; Dur: One minute; ST: None
By calling loudly on the name of your patron, you are given the ability to imbue your target with magical energy that protects it from harm, granting it a +1 bonus on all saving throws for the duration.

Eldritch Charm
Rank: 1 (Universal); Rng: 30 ft.; Dur: Four hours; ST: Yes
With this granted power, you may select one target within range who may attempt a saving throw to resist this power. If the target fails, then you have charmed your target, and they regard you as a close personal friend and ally. While the target would never act in a suicidal manner, nor follow obviously harmful orders, they will regard you in the best light possible. Threatening or allowing others to threaten your target automatically breaks the charm upon them. Through this power, you are granting your patron limited access to a potential mortal shell in the Physical World.

Mystic Sight
Rank: 1 (Universal); Rng: Personal; Dur: Twenty minutes; ST: None
This ability grants you the ability to see a magical glow around any enchanted object or creature within range for the duration of the ability. While this power is active, your patron may also look through your eyes into the Physical World.

Spectral Hand
Rank: 1 (Universal); Rng: 30 ft.; Dur: Concentration; ST: None
With this gift, you can lift and move any one object weighing less than five pounds within range that you point at. When moving the object, it moves at half your normal movement rate, but can never be moved beyond the range of this power. Alternately, you may focus the strength of this ability to push a door, lid or similar hinged portal open or closed, so long as nothing resists the push and the portal itself weighs under 30 pounds. Through the use of this power, you are serving as a conduit for your patron to interact with the Physical World, even if on a superficial level.

Whispering Winds
Rank: 1 (Universal); Rng: 150 ft.; Dur: One hour; ST: None
With this granted ability, the winds carry your whispered words to and from a single creature within range, so long as the wind may move between you and your target. You may carry on a whispered conversation, but this ability does not bestow any special knowledge for overcoming any language barriers that might exist. Through the use of this power, you are serving as a conduit for your patron to interact with the Physical World, even if on a superficial level. You may only carry on one conversation at a time.

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