Saturday, October 09, 2010

My First Bargain Bin Monsters: A Dozen Dinosaurs...

Good Evening, All:

Tonight, while at the grocery store, I came across a small package of a dozen plastic dinosaur toys. They are a little small, but at $2.74, it wasn't a bad investment. They still work with WOTC minis, and they'll look great on a proper base. All of this is in preparation for future Lost World/Hollow Earth scenarios... well, not really. I just love having dinosaur encounters, and now I've got more "minis" to work with. Chances are that I'll go pick up another package or two in the next few weeks, so that I've got multiples of each type, just in case.

I got the idea from a number of posts on the Carjacked Seraphim blog lately on the use of toys as miniatures. (Specifically, this one on Bargain Bin Monsters, and this follow-up with Two More Bargain Bin Monsters.) I was impressed with the idea, and next time I was at the grocery store, I noticed the twelve pack of dinosaurs. I may have found a new way to increase my monster collection!


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Jim said...

Congrats and thanks for the shout out! I can barely go through a toy section (or heaven forfend a CLEARANCE toy area) without looking for potential minis! :)