Friday, October 01, 2010

The October Update...

Good Evening, All:

Here's a quick update on the status of my various projects.

MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide
This month, I've updated the monsters to the stats we worked out here in the blog, and I've been working on the Magic Item system. I haven't gotten any additional feedback from anyone else on the last draft version posted, so I can only assume that the monster stats were the only true sticking point. That's good. I don't see this being done this month, but perhaps by late November or early December.

Stellar Quest
Aside from the updated list of monsters, I've made very little progress on this Sci-Fi game inspired by Swords & Wizardry, exploring a world akin to that found in Star Trek and similar shows. I am going to run two adventures in this system at Owl Con, and I intend to have this one complete within a month of finishing the MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide.

The World Within
I've finally come up with a name for the Hollow Earth setting I've been talking about lately. The World Within gives me a unique name to describe the setting, without confusing it with other names similar to that of the genre that has inspired the setting. I still haven't decided whether I'll publish my work on this, but as more and more comments on the post asking if people are interested in a published Hollow Earth setting, I'm starting to lean more and more toward doing so.

I still have a few small products I'm considering, but we'll see how things come together as time and interest allows.

More Later,


James said...

Thanks for the update, Flynn.

Your post prompted me to look over the draft of the Referee's Guide again, and I noticed that the creature size damage modifiers table.

The damage modifiers for huge (+4) and gargantuan (+8) creatures seem overly large. Given that huge and gargantuan creatures will likely have a large number of hit dice to begin with, it seems that such creatures 'double dip' with regard to their damage modifier.

If that's intentional, its ok, but I am wondering if this was factored in to the series of assumptions you made in your 3rd 'behind the numbers post'?

Much of the rest of the Referee's Guide is advice which I have skimmed through and really quite like. I'm just a bit concerned that the larger creatures (Hydra for example) may be too powerfull given the high bonuses to damage they gain by virtue of both size and (revised) hit dice modifers.

Would you consider revising the damage modifiers for creature size to match the modifier to Fort saves?

Looking forward to seeing more progress on the Referee's Guide in the future! ;-)

Flynn said...

I will definitely give this consideration. Realize that the difference in Hit Dice based on a change from Large to Huge is usually only around six, which is just a +2. Hmmm... It lowers the nastiness of facing a very large creature, which in turn reduces the sense of risk... I'll have to think on it, and I'll probably have to go look at the numbers.

Thanks for the feedback,

James said...

The damage dice range is also bumped up with additional hit dice too, so even though the damage modifer from increased size might only change by +2, the damage rolls go from 1d8 (avg 4.5) to 2d6 (average 7)! That's scary.

Then you have 2d8 damage from Gargantuan creatures!

Flynn said...

Point made. Consider it done!