Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caverns of Lakoma: A Dungeon Diagram...

Good Morning, All:

To conclude my series of posts on Caverns of Lakoma dungeon design, I needed to produce a map for Level One. As I may have mentioned, I suck at dungeon maps, and so I found myself in a quandary. In the end, I decided to utilize a principle described in a recent Gnome Stew article: Prep-Lite Maps. This is also similar to the diagram dungeon as presented in Sine Nomine Publishing's Red Tide. In essence, I built a flowchart of important rooms, and will simply make up any unimportant rooms as I have need. This is the result:

For those that would like to have all of the information on the Egyptian Great Plains gathered in one place, have no fear. I've created a simple PDF with the basics. Please review it and let me know if I need to add anything to it. You can find it here:
Egyptian Great Plains Minimalist Sandbox Campaign Setting

Thank you all for hanging in through this discussion, and I look forward to any additional input you might have on my quest for improving my minimalist campaign preparation process.

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Dr Rotwang! said...

Man, been thinkin' about doing it like this off-and-on for a while. I can stop thinking about it now; I'm sold! Thanks!