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Caverns of Lakoma: Features and Rooms...

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I've been working a little bit on various rooms that I'll be placing on my map. Basically, I've organized my notes below in groups based on factions. These notes are not complete, and do not include empty rooms. I figure I won't need to detail unimportant rooms, since I can provide some information on the map itself. Also, these are simply a first run-through, using the answer I posted earlier this week as my guide. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Caverns of Lakoma Features

Ceiling Height: passages ~7 ft, carved chambers ~9 ft, natural caverns 8+1d12 ft, unless otherwise indicated.
Illumination: Rooms occupied by living humanoids are lit by torches, while the rest are unlit, unless otherwise indicated.
Doors: Most doors are large stone wheels that require significant strength and effort to move.
Murder Holes: Spears driven through murder holes, or burning oil poured on invaders. Defenders above have almost total cover against invaders in the hallway below.
Lakoma Plague: Lots of signs of a plague-ridden community exist: piles of bones and dried bodies, painting on the walls, burned out sections.
Other Features: 3 in 6 chance that a man-made room has a small fist-sized ventilation shaft leading up to the outside (and possibly down to a lower level).


The following are important rooms that need to be placed on the map.

Humanoid Raiders
Stables: Large cavern with stalls; smells of musk, waste and spoiled food. 15 mounts, 3 humanoid tenders that seek to raise alarm against any invaders. Tenders have 2d6 silver each.
Livestock Pens: Large cavern with multiple small pens; smells of waste and spoiled food. 30 small goats, 3 humanoid tenders that seek to raise alarm against any invaders. Tenders have 2d6 silver each.
Storage Room: Earthenware pots, bundles of trade goods.
River Crossing: Rope bridge, loud roar of water passing. 2 tribal warriors protect east side. Passing requires balance and slow movement to avoid falling in. River flows through lower levels before leaving cave complex.
Living Area: Numerous family chambers, public items scattered haphazardly. 6 tribesmen, 2 tribal warriors defending 20 wives, 40 children. 1d3 gems, 1d3 jewelry, 2000ss in goods and coin.
Shaman's Quarters: Numerous totems, unusual hides. 3 tribesmen, 1 tribal shaman, Arihapelo the Dragon. They act with caution. Arihapelo bears two potions of healing (cure light wounds), ring of fire resistance.

Cabalists/Demonic Cultists
Dining Hall: Carved summoning circle, filled with binding herbs. Halion (seducer demon). Bargains for freedom "to return home". May grant one wish if released.
Barracks: Bedrolls lay scattered on the floor, smells of sickly sweet incense. 6 fanatic cultists, 2 minor demons, 1 cabalist who attack on sight. Cultists have 3d6 silver each. Cabalist carries potion of healing (cure light wounds).
Well Room: Shaft in ceiling and floor (appears as well in ruins above, lowers to river below), roar of flowing water. 3 fanatical cultists, 1 minor demon who attack on sight, 1 fanatical cultist flees to raise alarm. Cultists have 3d6 silver each.
Kitchen: Two firepits, large clay pots with dessicated vegetables. 1 cabalist, 2 minor demons and Mubarak Khalil. Capture intruders to use as sacrifices. Mubarak carries 1d3 gems, 1d3 jewelry and the Rod of Infernal Dominion (summons demons once per day). Cabalist carries 4d10 silver.
Ramshackle Cell: Tattered wooden wall and door across living quarters. 2 merchants (1 wounded), 3 tribesmen unarmed and waiting to be sacrificed.

The Restless Undead
Great Hall: Multiple columns to support ceiling, smell of death in the air. 2 ghasts, 3 ghouls prevent passage to the next lower level from this room.
Haunted Hallway: Ghostly images of seriously ill women, children and elderly collapsed on the floor reach out toward the party for aid. Fear effect.
Storage Room: Partially sealed in, stones knocked outward. "The Chieftain" resides here. Beaten gold war mask (1500 silver).
Living Quarters: Bones on litters stacked high against walls. 3 ghouls, 1 ghast seek to feast on living flesh. Silver and gold trinkets worth 3d4x10 silver total among remains.

Random Other Stuff
Dining Hall: Barricade from old tables, hanging skeletal corpses. 3 bone-gnawers. 2d4x100 silver among remains.
Small Cavern: Tribesman corpse, long dead; sunlight from shaft above. 1 snake swarm. Corpse has 3d6 silver.
Living Quarters: Burned out, charred bones. 5 giant rats, protecting their lair. 1 jeweled dagger (175 silver), 5d6 silver worth of simple shiny things.

If you have any other suggestions to include here, I'm more than open to them. One of the keys to minimal prep is to use resources that are available to you, and suggestions are definitely a resource to be used as you see fit.


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