Friday, June 03, 2011

Sandbox Preparation: And Now The Map...

Good Morning, All:

To wrap up the initial steps of minimal sandbox preparation, I have provided the following map of the Egyptian Great Plains setting. It was designed using Hexographer, which I heartily recommend to anyone who, like myself, has problems creating their own maps. (We all can't be Rob Conley.)

I've taken the liberty of marking the rest of this map with the other locations I'd mentioned in a previous post. It makes for an interesting locale, if a little unbalanced in terms of locations of our points of interest. Still, I like what I see, and am pleased. What are your thoughts?

Now, the only thing left to do before this can roll into play is to develop the first level of the dungeon known as the Caverns of Lakoma. I'll start that next week, and take some time to explore some dungeon design principles along the way.

More Later,

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David said...

Thanks for chronicling your sandbox prep. For those of us doing the same, it's really helpful.