Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Encounter Types...

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Having completed most of the prep steps for detailing specific sites (ports, ruins and lairs) in the nautical sandbox campaign setting known as Isles of the Saharan Sea, I turn my attention now to covering encounters that build on the information I've created previously. The first step in that process is to identify groups that will have unique encounters of their own. At first blush, I believe I need to define the following encounter types:
  • Aberration Cultists
  • Black Rose Assassins
  • Cabalists of Sandamos
  • Death Cultists
  • Disciples of the Reef
  • Elemental Magi
  • Games Arcane Entourage
  • Humanoid Hordes
  • Infernal Swarms of Black Morgana
  • Leviathan Hunters
  • Mantid Warriors
  • Mercenaries/Raiders (Human, Kelshani, Tarthani, Unliving)
  • Merchants (Denjani, Human, Tarthani)
  • Natives (Cavemen)
  • Naval Patrols (Denjani, Human, Tarthani, Zegoth)
  • Ooze Magi
  • Order of the Unshackled Brethren
  • Pilgrims (to Jetan, to Lukrada)
  • Pirates/Privateers (Human, Kelshani, Tarthani, Unliving)
  • Pterosaur Flocks
  • Sea Monsters
  • Sea Witches
  • Slavers (Kelshani)
  • Sorcerers of the Sanguine Sea
  • Storm Knights of Tarth
  • Warrior-Monks of the Viridian Glaive
  • Wendigo-Possessed Raiders
I will take a little bit of time and try to reduce this list even further, as appropriate, and still maintain distinctive flavor where appropriate. Once I've got a list I'm happy with, I'll jump into writing up individual encounters in a manner similar to that found in Red Tide: Adventure in a Crimson World, the original sandbox design supplement and campaign setting book from Sine Nomine Publishing, who brought us An Echo Resounding. This is essentially the same format I used for my Sandbox Encounters in this year's A-Z Challenge. (In fact, I will likely reuse some of those, where appropriate, to cut down on what I have to write up to get ready.)

My next question to the readers is: Do you want me to post the encounter write-ups here?

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