Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Five More Ruins...

Good Afternoon, All:

Here are the capsule descriptions of five more ruins that will be available for exploration within the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting for my next campaign:

Bastion of Fallen Akrotia: Many generations ago, the island of Akrotia had been buried by volcanic eruption. Two generations ago, a great Tarthani warlord named Hodar Kantak forced native slaves to carve a stronghold from the rock overlooking a well-protected bay, and made the site his personal base of operations. Since then, the stronghold has changed hands several times, and each landlord in turn has added to the tunnels and chambers making up the stronghold. The last warlord to own the site was a Zegoth Commodore who vanished with the Wrath of Serpentis, along with his followers.

Lost Render's Mine: Discovered by a shipwrecked render-captain, this lost silver mine is purported to be the source of Captain Korvas Ravenblack's sudden and meteoric rise to power over a generation ago. It is said that the local natives, impressed with Captain Ravenblack's charismatic leadership, protect the site from exploitation, and may even continue to mine it as they await the render's return. The pirate's three daughters, Render-Captains themselves, actively seek the mine's location, angered that their father did not trust them enough to provide them with a map to the site.

Perdidos, Ruins of: Once a sleepy little port, Perdidos was plundered by Zegoths under Serpentfolk rule several generations ago. Among the wreckage is the remains of the Tower of the Archmagus Khadargos, a Grand Cabalist of the Dark Arts. Although the Zegoths succeeded in plundering the port, they were unsuccessfuly in obtaining the Index Infernum, the archmage's notes on his interactions with the demonic servitors of the Demon King Sandamos.

Sanguinarium of the Dark Mother: An ancient site of ritual sacrifice to Serpentis, the Dark Mother, the Sanguinarium fell into ruin long before her followers vanished from the World Within when a powerful earthquake devastated the island. Foul creatures of blood and shadow still walk the depths of the Sanguinarium, yet adventurers still brave the serpentine tunnels in hopes of finding lost relics of a bygone era. In the days after the Wrath of Serpentis, a number of Zegoths have made pilgrimages to the site with virginal sacrifices, in hopes of encouraging the Dark Mother's return.

Tower of Clockwork Chaos: The animated constructs of the Tower of Clockwork Chaos were legendary for their artistic and mystical craftsmanship, until they were turned on their creators as an act of treachery and vengeance. For many monsoons, the tower stood abandoned by mortal men, until an Aberration Cult claimed the site for their own purposes. No one knows how they bypassed the unliving creations of the tower's original owners, but it is certain that the cultists are using the knowledge they've uncovered to the most nefarious of ends.


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