Friday, June 08, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Savage Sailing Vessels...

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I have been working to put together a general list of sailing vessels for Savage Worlds, for use in my Isles of the Saharan Sea campaign setting. Many of the basic types came from Pirates of the Spanish Main, but some have been modified based on further research and online comments. (The astute may notice that I removed the variable number of Wounds as given in POTSM, and assume that the standard rules of three Wounds for vehicles applies here. Also, additional types have been added, to round out the selections available. Finally, the costs were adjusted to better match the Silver Standard Price List I use for my fantasy campaigns, by simply dividing standard Savage World prices by two. The results of my endeavors are below:

VesselAccelCargoCrewHandlingTop SpeedToughnessTravel SpeedWeaponsCostNotes
1-Mast Ship243+6+1313(2)127,500ssHeavy Armor
Skiff233+6+2313(2)227,500ssHeavy Armor
Sloop243+6+1413(2)147,500ssHeavy Armor
2-Mast Ship248+16+0414(2)2610,000ssHeavy Armor
Galley2480+160-2419(2)2610,000ssHeavy Armor; Oars; Ram*
Hoy248+16+2414(2)1610,000ssHeavy Armor
Junk148+16+2412(2)2610,000ssHeavy Armor
3-Mast Ship2815+30-1516(4)31212,500ssHeavy Armor
Brigantine2615+30+0518(4)31217,500ssHeavy Armor
Crumster288+16-1516(4)3812,500ssHeavy Armor
Schooner2815+30+1414(4)31212,500ssHeavy Armor
4-Mast Ship31024+48-2618(4)31630,000ssHeavy Armor
Frigate31012+24+0616(4)3815,000ssHeavy Armor
Galleon31024+48-3620(4)31660,000ssHeavy Armor
5-Mast Ship21025+50-3524(4)32050,000ssHeavy Armor
Man-O-War210125+250-3524(4)328250,000ssHeavy Armor

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