Monday, June 04, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Five Ruins To Explore...

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With the primary ports of call completed, it's time to move on to sites of major adventure, Ruins. Here are the capsule descriptions of five ruins that will be available for exploration within the setting I'm creating for my next campaign:

Citadel of the Wyrm Knight: On an island on the edge of civilized territory stands the Citadel of the Wyrm Knight, the remains of a forsaken outpost that has long since succumbed to the jungle wilds. Rumors abound of rich veins of gold that remain to be rediscovered in the tunnels beneath the citadel itself. The site has become the base of operations for an Aberration Cult devoted to planar creatures best left unsummoned and truths best left unknown.

Krotoa, Lost Colony of: Founded as a colony of exiles and escaped slaves fleeing the persecution of the Serpentfolk, Krotoa fell to the onslaught of the forces of a Zegoth commander that ultimately tracked them down. The Zegoth warlord could not find what he was sent to uncover, that being a stolen collection of lore detailing the secret techniques used by the Serpentfolk to manufacture magical arms and armor. Without humanoid inhabitants, the creatures of the jungle have reclaimed the structures, making lairs throughout the ruins of the colony. Treasure hunters seeking to recover the lost lore rarely return, and those who do speak only of the fierce wildlife they encountered in their fruitless expeditions.

Lukrada, Ruins of: Once an ancient city under the patronage of Thanatos, the Flame Lord, Lukrada has long since fallen into crumbling ruins. These ruins are located atop a mesa overlooking the Burning Bay, and is very difficult to reach on foot, save for a narrow winding road leading from the beach to the flat mesa top. Necromancers and priests of Thanatos populate a few of the ruins, all in service to the Vanaran known as Mavarasha, Light Upon the Throne Triumphant, a High Priest of Thanatos.

Mystic Tower of the Vampire King: The Mystic Tower of the Vampire King once stood on an island darkened by perpetual mists, until a great battle delivered the Final Death upon the Vampire King. With his passing, the tower collapsed as the earth beneath it churned, and the mists dissipated, leaving behind only devastation and silence. Pirate and renders still give the site a wide berth, for it is rumored that the shades of ancient heroic warriors remain trapped within the wreckage.

Pakaton, Ruins of: Pakaton was once a properous township until a supernatural plague struck down its inhabitants almost twenty monsoons ago. Given the swift and deadly nature of the plague, other islands and ports quickly declared Pakaton a quarantined port of call, a declaration that has never been rescinded due to the near total devastation of all life. Those few who escaped, as well as their children, still cling to their heritage of Pakaton, and will likely rally to anyone who is daring enough to cleanse the ruins and reclaim them as habitable territory.


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