Friday, June 01, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Tarth, the Isle of Storms...

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Our last port of call for my Isles of the Saharan Sea is the homeland of the Tarthani, the port-city of Tarth.

Location Name: The Tarthan Realms, or the Isle of Storms

Ambiance: The homeland of the four-armed Tarthani race, Tarth is a large island that is mostly settled. There are few wild areas on the island, and those few can be found among the mountains, valleys and high meadows of the island's interior. Port Tarth is perhaps the port of the Isles that most feels like a city on the mainland. Weather is notoriously bad within the Tarthan Realms; fog and rain are more common within Port Tarth than clear skies.

History: The Tarthan Realms were settled more than ten generations ago, when a large clan of Tarthani were magically transported to the World Within from another world. Fiercely independent, the Tarthani have maintained an uneasy peace with the Serpentfolk for the last six generations through the payment of slave tributes. After the Wrath of Serpentis, the Tarthani have become a major force on the Saharan Sea.

Encounters: Elemental creatures of air and water are often encountered in and around the Isle of Storms, which in turn attracts elementalist magi. The Storm Knights are a new Tarthani martial order formed by the intention to location and rescue those Tarthani who had been given over to the Serpentfolk as tributes.

Treasures: The King of the Tarthan Realms wears a magical crown which is purported to grant him powers over the element of water. It is also said that the holy relic known as the Crystalline Sphere of Indra is lost somewhere on the island, and is the source of the foul weather that besets the Isle of Storms.

Hooks and Hotspots: Many Tarthani feel shame for the presence of Tribute Rock, a large flat stone near the mouth of the bay where slave tributes were chained as offerings to appease the oppressive Serpentfolk. Mon Burzha is the largest peak within this archipelago outside of the great volcanoes of the Smoking Isles.


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