Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Sanmari, Isle of the Leviathans...

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Only two more ports to detail, and the basic ports of my Isles of the Saharan Sea will be done (until mapping needs to be done, of course.) My next port of call in the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting is Sanmari.

Location Name: Isle of the Leviathans, or the Orchid Port

Ambiance: With its unusually rich soil, Sanmari is teaming with exotic flora and fauna, particularly carnivorous orchids of unusual and vibrant shades. In addition, a leviathan breeding ground is located a few miles out from the port, providing an excellent opportunity to watch the great beasts, although they can be a hazard to sailing vessels during certain times of the year.

History: Eight generations ago, pirates began to use Sanmari as a launching point for their attacks against the coastal cities of the Serpentfolk along the mainland of Mediterrenea. Its location, abundant life and high presence of leviathans gave the site a distinctive advantage as a port of call for smaller, faster vessels making strikes against the larger Atlantican armadas. Three generations ago, the native population of the island left in a mass exodus, for reasons that were never understood by people of Sanmari.

Encounters: Creatures of the wild, particularly small primates and colorful birds of prey, are frequently encountered throughout the Orchid Port, and carnivorous plants of various sizes await those who travel into the jungles surrounding the port. Leviathan-hunters also frequent the port, particularly during mating season.

Treasures: Great natural resources, in the form of provisions and clean water, are abundant on the Isle of the Leviathans. Agbaya, a yellow cherry-sized fruit with healing properties, only grows natively in Sanmarian soil, and can be found in abundance within the jungles of the island's interior.

Hooks and Hotspots: Render's Row is the largest cemetery in the Isles for pirates, renders and corsairs. It is frequently blessed as holy ground, and the bodies of the fallen that are interred within the grounds have never suffered from the acts of foul necromancers or grave robbers. Deep in the jungle, the lost temple of a forgotten god holds the key to a prophecy whose time quickly approaches.


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