Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Port Denjados...

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Now that I have my roster of regional villains, or my Hall of Infamy, in place, I want to get back to outlining the major ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting I'm creating for my next major campaign. These ports are: Aljis, Denjados, Devil's Cove (Kelshandan), Jetan, Kimojan, Libertad, Ortugos, Provada, Sanmari and Tarth. Today, I'm writing up some basic details for Denjados.

Location Name: Great Denjados, or The Shipwright's Bay
Ambiance: Home to the greatest shipwrights of the region, Denjados is noteworthy for the great number of docks and shipyards about the bay. The primary city-state of the diminutive Denjani people, most of the buildings outside the port districts are small enough to be uncomfortable for humans and larger races. This gradual reduction in size creates the illusion of a very expansive city on the bay. The city itself honors craftsmen and artisans. Great Denjados is ostensibly controlled under the military rule of the great Zegoth Warlord Tal-Kash. However, the native Denjani owe most of their loyalty to their guild, who are loosely organized under an unofficial Council of Guilds in the wake of the Serpentfolks' disappearance.
History: Around seven human generations ago, the Serpentfolk started to use Denjados as a launching point for their efforts to control the raiders and pirates of the region. The sporadic crusades of the Serpentfolk and their privateers since then has colored the attitudes of many pirates to the port itself.
Encounters: Zegoth patrols and well-sponsored privateers are frequently encountered in the port of Denjados. Occasionally, dinosaurs and other reptilian beasts venture out of the nearby marshes and into the outskirts of the city.
Treasures: Among the treasures of Denjados, adventurers will find the superior sailing vessels of the Denjani shipwrights, as well as the well-crafted goods and objects of art created by the masterful artisans of the Shipwright's Bay.
Hooks and Hotspots: Much of the low-lying land around the city of Denjados is comprised of swampland known as the White Hag Glades by the populace. The Shrine of the Sapphire Scales, a temple devoted to an unworshiped snake goddess, serves as the primary stronghold of Warlord Tal-Kash. The catacombs and underground tombs of the temple remain untouched, the result of generations of fear.


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