Monday, May 28, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Provada, the Isle of Magi...

Good Afternoon, All:

With the end in sight, my next stop on my exploration of the major ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting is Provada.

Location Name: The Fist of Towers, or the Isle of Magi

Ambiance: Arcane spellcasters will always find a home within the walls of Provada. Indeed, a good number of major and minor arcane traditions have chapterhouses and guild halls on the island. Spellcasters of all kinds are held in high regard, particularly mages knowledgable in sea magic. Much of the coastline is marked with tall towers belonging to these mystic orders.

History: Seven generations ago, Provada was settled by a shipwrecked crew under the guidance of their Sea Magus. Five generations ago, the Grand Magus of Provada initiated the Games Arcane, a tournament for mages and ritualists held every half generation, which is used to determine the greatest magus of the Isles, the Magus Arcane. Winners present and past receive great accolades and the right to live on Provada tax-free.

Encounters: Spellcasters of unusual traditions abound on the streets of the Isle of Magi, as well as their defenders and protectors. Constructs and magically summoned creatures are also prevalent.

Treasures: The knowledge and lore of over a hundred magical traditions can be found among the libraries on Provada. Many potions, charms and scrolls are available in the alchemist shops here, unlike other ports in the Saharan Sea.

Hooks and Hotspots: The Mage Fields, the site of the Games Arcane, are carefully tended by servitors of the Grand Magus of Provada. The Bloodwind Stones mark a sacred circle where rituals have long been performed to the patron of magic.


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