Thursday, May 17, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Jetan, the Temple Port...

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I'm continuing my exploration of the major ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting, because having this information will help me bring the setting to life once the campaign starts. Today, I'm writing up some basic details for the port of Jetan.


Location Name: The Temple Port, or the Isle of Shrines

Ambiance: A theocratic council governs this small port, and religious observances are abundant. It may seem that every other day is a holy day in Jetan, as there are many parades, feasts and celebrations. Pilgrims and beggars are a common sight, particularly in the overly adorned Temple District.

History: Around eight human generations ago, a band of religious outcasts found their way to the Isle of Shrines and began to worship in peace. As others came, the islanders recalled their persecution and so opened their arms to other religions and practitioners. About four human generations ago, the Holy Council of Jetan welcomed representatives of multiple religions among their ranks, and the island truely became a sanctuary for all faiths.

Encounters: Religous dignitaries and divine heroes frequently visit the Isle of Shrines. Oracles and those who seek their insight and blessings are also more common on Jetan than elsewhere.

Treasures: Many religous artifacts and sacred relics are locked away in the treasure vaults and reliquaries of the numerous temples and shrines of the Temple Port.

Hooks and Hotspots: Commoners of Jetan are afraid to enter the abandoned temple to Serpentis, fearful of attracting the Wrath of Serpentis; indeed, those few who have entered have not returned. Sermon Market has almost as many merchant stalls as it does proselytizers, and it is said that anything of historical or religious significance can be revealed if one should speak to the right people.


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