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Isles of the Saharan Sea: Port Aljis...

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Today, I begin an exploration of some of the more famous ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting. I present to you the port of Aljis:
Location Name: Aljis the White, or The Isle of the Sons
Ambiance: The buildings of Aljis appear glistening white as seen rising up from the sea. As a trading hub, the streets of Aljis are crowded with merchants, pirates and other, less reputable sorts. Five gates breach the walls to give access when the port is not under attack.
History: Around ten human generations ago, the people of Aljis withstood a concentrated assault from a Zegoth armada with minimal losses. About three human generations ago, the city of Aljis divided in a civil dispute between the surviving sons of the fallen Aljisian king. Even though the youngest of them won through assassination and trickery and united the city once again, sailors took to calling it the Isle of the Sons.
Encounters: The people of Aljis are loose with their word, and are only interested in immediate gain. Frequent backstabbing and shady deals in back alleys are the norm. Those with a guilty conscience should be wary of the high presence of assassins and bounty hunters.
Treasures: A rich trading port, Aljis houses many mundane treasures captured from many of the surrounding islands. The Aljisian King is particularly proud of his collection of crowns and coronets belonging to neighboring sovereigns who have literally lost their head from pirates and the Zegoth armadas.
Hooks and Hotspots: It is rumored that the Brotherhood of the Black Rose, a particularly successful band of assassins, operates out of Aljis. Wishes made at the fountains of the Verdant Gardens of the palace are said to come true, but only if no one sees it being made.

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