Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Devil's Cove...

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Now that work has let up a little bit, I can continue my exploration of the major ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting. Today, I'm writing up some basic details for Devil's Cove, or Kelshandan.

Location Name: Devil's Cove, or Isle of Games
Ambiance: The slave trade thrives on this Kelshani island. The extreme social distinctions between the masters and their slaves divides the residents and flavors almost all social interactions. The Demon Court, an arena where warrior-slaves fight for their masters and for treasure, is the most recognizable feature of the island, and easily distinguishes this port from others at a distance. Other vices, particularly those of a hedonistic nature, thrive in Devil's Cove.
History: Around seven human generations ago, the Kelshani emerged from their underground empire and began to establish a presence on the surface of the World Within. About two human generations ago, the Kelshani established their autonomy from the Serpentfolk through a regular tribute of slaves every season.
Encounters: Important political prisoners are often sold into slavery in the markets of Kelshandan, so diplomats and representatives of many different island kingdoms maintain a presence here. Wild creatures are also imported to fight in the gladiatorial games.
Treasures: Much of the monetary treasure garnered by the Slaver Houses of Devil's Cove are transported to the Kelshani cities of the Underworld. However, political prisoners and well-trained pleasure slaves remain on the surface, and there are always people willing to pay for their rescue.
Hooks and Hotspots: A number of gambling houses provide diversion between gladiatorial combats, which are held for two watches with a twenty watch rest in between. (A watch is roughly four hours in length, and is the basic unit of time in this world where the sun never sets.) Great wealth can be earned in the Demon Court in one can survive the games, but few volunteer to participate of their own volition.


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