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Isles of the Saharan Sea: Libertad, the Unshackled Isle...

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The next stop on my exploration of the major ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting is Libertad. This takes us past the halfway point for detailing the ports of the setting. As I may have mentioned, I'm using the sandbox building methods suggested in An Echo Resounding. I've already creating a Hall of Infamy, and I am halfway through detailing the towns and cities (which I'm making ports in this setting.) After that, I'll probably cover some basics on the Resources, Ruins and Lairs, and then I should be good to go. While I have a map with everything marked, I'm hesitant about posting it, simply because I want to keep some of the mystery in case the players in that future campaign decide to read up on the background of the setting here on the blog. I figure the inspirational material I'm writing for background work is probably okay. While my players are very good about not using Player Knowledge in-game, I still like keeping some things a mystery for them, to increase their enjoyment of the game.

And now, we move on the port of Libertad.

Location Name: Libertad the Free, or The Unshackled Isle

Ambiance: Founded by former slaves, Libertad is a free port where slavery has been abolished. Many of the populace of Libertad are escaped slaves or descendants of such, and are generally resistant to any overt or oppressive authority. Indeed, the city operates under a communal city rule. The Order of the Unshackled Brethren, also known as the Order of Libertad, wage an ongoing crusade against slavers, capturing their ships, sparing prisoners and freeing slaves. Zegoths and Kelshani are generally shunned, unless they bear obvious markings of former enslavement.

History: Founded four generations ago by escaped slaves, Libertad has always struggled against the large Serpentfolk armadas. In the aftermath of the Wrath of Serpentis and the resulting disappearance of the Serpentfolk, Libertad has begun to swell with many escaped slaves seeking freedom and emancipation.

Encounters: Exiles, convicts and freedom-loving anarchists are commonly encountered on Libertad. In addition, the natives of the islands still maintain trade with the more civilized port, and often wander the streets of the port with their trained animals and bundled goods.

Treasures: There are few magical weapons in the Isles of the Saharan Seas, as the Serpentfolk made it a policy to seek out and take all magical weapons during their tenure as overlords. One of the few arcane weapons known to exist in the Isles, Freedomstrike, a magical scimitar of legendary power, serves as a symbol of the office of the Lord-Governor of Libertad.

Hooks and Hotspots: Freedom Hall, the base for the Order of the Unshackled Brethren, is a large stronghold built by the original settlers of Libertad, and often depicted in regional artwork as the representation of emancipation and the desire for freedom. Lepers and other diseased refugees have been quarantined to a small camp a few hours walk beyond the walls of the port. Known colloquially as Plague Town, this "tent city" has effectively become a small leper colony as more people come in and are quarantined than local priests and midwives can adequately handle.


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