Friday, May 18, 2012

Isles of the Saharan Sea: Kimojan, Isle of Tributes...

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The next stop on my exploration of the major ports of the Isles of the Saharan Sea setting is Kimojan.

Location Name: Bay of Shields, or the Isle of Tributes

Ambiance: Kimojan is a warrior's island, through and through. Generations of infighting warlords have left the island covered with small strongholds, even within the township of Kimojan proper. Mercenaries and thugs are a common sight in the narrow, crowded streets.

History: For more than six generations, warlords have fought one another for control over this island. Within the last generation, the island was finally united under one leader, the Great Warlord Shotokan. Under his merciless hand, the Raiders of Kimojan command tribute from the natives and residents of many islands within a few days' travel, earning the nickname of the Isle of Tributes.

Encounters: Mercenaries and common thugs are frequently encountered in Kimojan. An order of unarmed martial artists, the Disciples of the Reef, maintain a monastery not far from the port, and are easily recognizable for their distinctive dress and bald heads.

Treasures: Despite the claims that the gathered treasures of many islands line the steps of the Great Warlord's stronghold, Shotokan keeps the coins in a treasury vault, and displays the gaudier pieces in his Hall of Tributes for others to admire. Many sailors from Kimojan whisper rumors that the Great Warlord Shotokan tithes a significant portion of his tributes to the masters of the Disciplines of the Reef; this wealth is said to be kept in a vault in the lowest cellars of the monastery, far from prying eyes.

Hooks and Hotspots: The Hall of Tributes is a popular attraction for visiting dignitaries and a common target for wishful thieves, who very rarely succeed in making it through the Great Warlord's defenses. Those seeking to master the secrets of unarmed combat visit the monastery in hopes of being accepted as a Disciple.


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