Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Kelshan - A New S&W Race...

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The following is a racial write-up for the Kelshan, another new race for the Hammersong's Legacy campaign setting, written in support of Swords & Wizardry. As always, your thoughts and input are most welcome.

The Kelshan
Servitors of Sandamos, the Great Tyrant, Lord of Demons, these red-skinned humanoids bear a strong resemblance to devils. Along with their general tendencies towards cruelty and sadism, their physical appearance has earned the Kelshan the nickname of "devil-men."

Character Advancement: Kelshan characters may advance in the same manner as Elves, under the Elven Adventurer class as described in the Core Rules, or the Variant Elf class in the White Box rules.

Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Whether advancing as a Magic-User or a Fighting-Man, the Kelshan are trained in the use of a whip in addition to other weapons based on his advancement.

Sadistic Reputation: The Kelshan as a race are known for their cruel and sadistic natures, which imposes a -2 penalty on all reaction rolls involving a Kelshan character. However, foes of the Kelshan also suffer a -1 penalty on morale checks for the same reasons.

Saving Throw: Kelshan are resistant to enchantment and charm magics; they get +4 on saving throws to resist such effects.

Languages: For campaigns that give each race its own dialect, the Kelshan should be able to speak with demons, humans and hyrknoff.

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James said...

aka "Tiefling"?

Flynn said...

Well, I have all of these Tiefling minis, you know, and I wanted to find some use for them. :)