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Traveller World Tags: Ancients' Site, Subsector/Sector/Regional Capital, Exile Camp...

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My apologies for the short delay in getting this out. In the seventh of my short series of posts on Traveller World Tags, I'm focusing on the following remarks that are often tracked along with trade codes: Ancients' Site (An), Subsector and Sector/Regional Capital (Cp, Cx), Exile Camp (Ex).

My thoughts on world tags for these remarks can be found below.

Ancients' Site (An)

Allies/Contacts:Ancients cult pilgram; Local guide familiar with the site(s); Naive research scientist; Offworld collector
Rivals/Enemies:Ancients cult leader; Artifact thief/smuggler; Corporate spy; Swindler selling fake artifacts
Targets:Ancient artifact (functional or broken); Map to secret/hidden Ancients' site; Proof of the site's inauthenticity; Research based on reverse engineering artifacts
Locales:Ancients cult shrine/religious center; Government permit office; Secret/hidden Ancients' site; Smugglers' warehouse
Challenges:Angry Ancients cultists; Malfunctioning Ancients artifact; Permits required to access the site; Site is actually a well-constructed fake

Subsector and Sector/Regional Capital (Cp, Cx)

Allies/Contacts:Diplomatic liaison; Merchant House representative; Politician's aide; Professional bodyguard
Rivals/Enemies:Ambitious admiral; Enemy spy/terrorist; Merchant House lord; Overconfident noble
Targets:Confidential executive report; Diplomatic courier pouch; Holovids of certain "indiscretions"; Incriminating military orders
Locales:Foreign embassy; Law offices representing a particular politician; Republic Senate antechamber; Special interest group headquarters
Challenges:Diplomatic immunity; Foreign intelligence operatives; Political corruption; Protest rallies

Exile Camp (Ex)

Allies/Contacts:Blockade runner; Helpful sycophant; Innocent administrator falsely accused; Overworked security chief
Rivals/Enemies:Exiled despot; Over-zealous warden; Relentless assassin; Vengeful smuggler
Targets:Exile; Family heirloom; Map of possible escape route; Smuggled weapons
Locales:Patrol headquarters; Secret smugglers' landing site; Squalid living quarters; Weapon cache site
Challenges:Planetary blockade; Political reprisals; Security systems; Victims of political atrocities

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to improve the options listed above?

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