Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Traveller World Tags: Desert, Fluid Oceans and Garden...

Good Afternoon, All:

In the second of my short series of posts on Traveller World Tags, I'm focusing on the following trade codes: Desert (De), Fluid Oceans (Fl), Garden (Ga).

My thoughts on world tags for these trade codes follow:

Desert (De)

Allies/Contacts:Curious terraformer; Desert nomad/guide; Moisture or spice farmer; Research scientist
Rivals/Enemies:Anti-terraforming activist; Eccentric prospector; Hermit psionicist; Nomad chieftain
Targets:Artifact sacred to the local desert nomads; Hidden well/water reservoir; Shipment of unusual spices; Terraforming equipment
Locales:Desert nomad cave city; Moisture farm; Oasis; Underground cistern
Challenges:Blinding sandstorms; Giant sand worms; Territorial feud between opposing desert nomad tribes; Xenophobia and unusual customs among the desert nomads

Fluid Oceans (Fl)

Allies/Contacts:Happy-go-lucky sailor/seafarer; Leviathan hunter; Processing plant technician; Specialty "aquatic" equipment supplier
Rivals/Enemies:Ambitious port master; Grizzled sailing captain; Processing plant executive officer; "Save the Leviathan" ecological activist
Targets:Map to untapped precious metal lode; Petrochemical cargo shipment; Rare albino leviathan; Sailing vessel
Locales:Leviathan "bait" shop; Petrochemical processing plant; Shipyard; Warehouse district
Challenges:Alien leviathan; Raging petroleum fire; Severe storm in a non-standard atmosphere; Ship sinking into non-water fluid

Garden (Ga)

Allies/Contacts:Big game hunter; Knowledgeable forester; Respected vintner; Spice farmer
Rivals/Enemies:Clearcutting logger foreman; Drug crop plantation owner; Gluttonous noble; Vengeful game warden
Targets:Bottles of fine wine/liquor; Exotic or addictive spices; Handcrafted wooden furniture; Prime livestock specimens
Locales:Hunting lodge; Overgrown plantation; Vineyard; Wildlife preserve
Challenges:Exotic local disease; Invasive offworld predators originally imported to handle a local pest; Trapped in a hunting preserve when hunting season starts; Unusual hunting or wildlife preservation regulations

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to improve the options listed above?

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