Monday, March 12, 2012

Traveller World Tags: High Population, High Technology, Ice-Capped...

Good Afternoon, All:

In the third of my short series of posts on Traveller World Tags, I'm focusing on the following trade codes: High Population (Hi), High Technology (Ht), Ice-Capped (Ic).

My thoughts on world tags for these trade codes follow:

High Population (Hi)

Allies/Contacts:Colonial Services clerk; Hydroponics technician; Medical supply distributor; Pharmaceutical researcher
Rivals/Enemies:Deportation case worker; Disciplined terrorist cell member; Drug lord; Population control enforcer
Targets:Experimental medical equipment; Luxury goods; Illicit drugs; Pharmaceutical research
Locales:Drug cartel-owned private spaceport; Hydroponics greenhouse; Overcrowded tenement building; Pharmaceutical warehouse
Challenges:Food shortages; Privateer press gangs; Tensions between rival criminal cartels; Unruly mobs

High Technology (Ht)

Allies/Contacts:Computer security analyst; Cybernetic surgeon; Security specialist with connections; Talented roboticist
Rivals/Enemies:Accomplished hacker; Arrogant gun runner; Industrial spy; Vengeful cyborg
Targets:Commercial robots; Experimental prototype; Illegal weapons; Shipment of cybernetic parts
Locales:Advanced research & development laboratory; Hospital cybernetic surgery recovery ward; Over-sized computer server room; Robotic manufacturing plant
Challenges:Advanced security systems; Computer virus; Getting caught in the middle of a Central Security Service sting operation against a local gun runner; Glitchy cybernetic parts

Ice-Capped (Ic)

Allies/Contacts:Grizzled ice miner; Local geologist; Mining company broker; Petrochemical researcher
Rivals/Enemies:Eco-terrorist; Mining site general manager; Offworld investor; Vengeful prospector
Targets:Ice mining equipment; Geological survey results; Map to a rich lode of a precious metal; Private collection of locally mined crystals and gems
Locales:Geological survey station; Glacier's edge; Isolated mining station; Refined ore processing plant
Challenges:Avalanche; Blizzard conditions; Difficult terrain; Local wildlife
What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to improve the options listed above? With Regards, Flynn

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