Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Traveller World Tags: Rich, Water and Vacuum...

Good Afternoon, All:

In the sixth of my short series of posts on Traveller World Tags, I'm focusing on the following trade codes: Rich (Ri), Water World (Wa), Vacuum (Va).

My thoughts on world tags for these trade codes can be found below.

Rich (Ri)

Allies/Contacts:Free trader captain; Luxury resort chief of staff; Rec chem pub owner; Starving artist
Rivals/Enemies:Arrogant noble; Interplanetary thief; Merchant House planetary director; Vengeful duelist
Targets:Black market military-grade cybernetics; Contraband luxury items; Fine liquor; Shipment of recreational chemicals
Locales:Art gallery/museum; Corporate headquarters; Luxury resort; Private mansion
Challenges:Bureaucratic red tape; Corporate espionage; Deranged or inebriated cyborg; Exaggerated social classes

Water World (Wa)

Allies/Contacts:Aquabot operator; Life support systems technician; Research scientist; Talkative submarine captain
Rivals/Enemies:Delusional leviathan hunter; Local seaport portmaster; Research station director; Underwater city council member
Targets:Biochemical extracts; Exotic aquatic creature; Natural anagathic research data; Underwater drone
Locales:Fishing vessel; Floating platform/station; Submarine; Underwater dome
Challenges:Colossal aquatic leviathan; Extremely violent storm; Failing environmental system in underwater environment; Tsunami

Vacuum (Va)

Allies/Contacts:Disgruntled miner; Life support systems technician; Retired computer hacker; Sealed habitat engineer
Rivals/Enemies:Atmospheric ration control officer; City security chief; Insane saboteur; Mining operation director
Targets:Atmospheric ration coupons; Life support system spare parts; Master access codes to the city's security systems; Vacuum-functional mining equipment
Locales:Abandoned/isolated outpost; Large crater; Underground city corridor; Vehicular airlock
Challenges:Ever-present surveillance equipment; Meteor storm; Rationed/failing life support; Restrictive regulations

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to improve the options listed above?

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Mike McKeown said...

for vacuum there was a story by Arthur C Clarke about a dust pit on the moon. Maybe the PCs moon buggie gets trapped in a dust pit