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Sandbox Encounters: Giant (Camerian)...

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For my next post in the A-Z Challenge, I will be posting a Sandbox Encounter focused on the tallest of the humanoid creatures common the plains of the Madlands. G is for Giant, specifically the Camerian Giant.

Giant (Camerian)

Brief Description: The first intelligent race created by the goddess Terantha, the giants of Cameria resemble stocky humans that stand around twelve feet tall and weigh about 1500 pounds. Camerian giants prefer thick leather garments, dyed in shades of brown and gray to match the mountains and hills around them. Ordinarily a somber, philosophic race, Camerian giants will not hesitate to engage in combat should their lives and freedoms become threatened. While they prefer to fight at a distance whenever possible, these giants wield massive two-handed clubs, axes and swords with impressive skill when the situation calls for it. Camerian giants typically travel in small family units, and are rarely encountered in large communities.

Encounter Groups: These are common encounter groups for this type of encounter.
  • Novice (levels 1-3): 2 Juvenile Camerian Giants. 2d6x10 silver shillings, 1d3 gems.

  • Seasoned (levels 4-6): 4 Juvenile Camerian Giants, 1 Camerian Giant. 3d4x1000 silver shillings, 1d4+1 gems, 1d4+1 jewelry and two consumable items (50% chance each).

  • Veteran (levels 7-10): 10 Juvenile Camerian Giants, 3 Camerian Giants. 3d6x1000 silver shillings, 3d4 gems, 3d4 jewelry, one magic weapon (50% chance), one magic item (50% chance), and two consumables (50% chance each).

Stat Blocks: The following stats are provided as examples for inspiration. Please adjust as needed to fit your preferred gaming system and style.

  • Juvenile Camerian Giant: AC 4 [15]; HD 4; Atk: great club or similar weapon (2d6) or rock (2d6); ST: 13; SP: rock throwing (+1 attack with rocks); MV: 12; CL 6; XP 400.

  • Camerian Giant: AC 0 [19]; HD 9; Atk: huge great club or similar weapon (3d6) or rock (3d6); ST: 6; SP: rock throwing (+1 attack with rocks), rock catching (with save, catches rock or large missile; once per round); MV: 12; CL 10; XP 1,400.

Encounter Ideas: Here are six different scenarios related to this encounter type.
  1. The giants are hunting or gathering food when the party encounters them.

  2. The giants are building a new lair for themselves.

  3. The giants are sleeping around the remains of a campfire, while one remains on watch.

  4. The giants are lost.

  5. The giants are at a pre-arranged location, preparing to negotiate with other humanoids over a recent dispute.

  6. The giants are practicing their rock throwing when the party comes upon them.


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