Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sandbox Encounters: Ogre...

Good Afternoon, All:

For my next post in the A-Z Challenge, I will be posting a Sandbox Encounter dealing with the most common of the lesser giants. O is for Ogre.


Brief Description: Ogres typically stand between nine and ten feet tall and can weigh up to 650 lbs. With the high presence of adventurers in the Madlands, the ogre population has been slowly dwindling; they are, in essence, a dying race, suffering a slow genocide at the hand of explorers and treasure hunters.

Encounter Groups: These are common encounter groups for this type of encounter.
  • Novice (levels 1-3): 2 Ogre Warriors. 2d6x10 silver shillings. (I use a silver standard in my campaigns.)

  • Seasoned (levels 4-6): 8 Ogre Youth, 4 Ogre Warriors, 1 Ogre Warlord. 2d4x1000 silver shillings, 1d3 gems, 1d3 jewelry, two consumable items (50% chance each), and one magic item (50% chance).

  • Veteran (levels 7-10): 14 Ogre Youth, 8 Ogre Warriors, 2 Ogre Warlords. 2d6x1000 silver shillings, 2d4 gems, 1d4+1 jewelry, one magic weapon (50% chance), one magic armor (50% chance), two magic items (50% chance each), and two consumables (50% chance each).

Stat Blocks: The following stats are provided as examples for inspiration. Please adjust as needed to fit your preferred gaming system and style.
  • Ogre Youth: AC 8 [11]; HD 2; Atk: by weapon (1d6+1); ST: 16; SP: none; MV: 9; CL 2; XP: 30.

  • Ogre Warrior: AC 5 [14]; HD 4+1; Atk: by weapon (1d10+1); ST: 13; SP: none; MV: 9; CL 4; XP: 120.

  • Ogre Warlord: AC 3 [16]; HD 8; Atk: by weapon (1d10+2); ST: 8; SP: none; MV: 9; CL 8; XP: 800.

Encounter Ideas: Here are six different scenarios related to this encounter type.
  1. The ogres are fleeing the wanton destruction of their former lair.

  2. The ogres attempt to trade with the party for food, medicinal herbs and similar trade goods.

  3. The ogres are torturing a prisoner they'd captured trying to sneak into their encampment to steal their treasure when the party comes upon them.

  4. The ogres are returning to their lair after retrieving their monthly tribute from a nearby settlement.

  5. The ogres are heading toward a great gathering of their kind, called by a mysterious giant leader rumored to have the power to deliver death back onto those who have slain so many of the ogres in the past.

  6. The ogres have transporting prisoners back to their lair when the party comes upon them.


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