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Sandbox Encounters: Kelshani Slavers...

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For my eleventh post in this year's A-Z Challenge, I will be posting a Sandbox Encounter focused on "devil-man" slavers from the Bloody Sands. K is for Kelshani.


Brief Description: Recently emerging from their underground empires to explore the Madlands, the red-skinned, fork-tailed folk known as the Kelshan are sadistic slavers and cruel warriors bound in service to their dark master and patron deity, Sandamos, the Grand Tyrant, Lord of Demons. Bands of Kelshani slavers, led by diabolistic sorcerers, wander the Madlands in search of new slaves. Some of those captured will be sold, some will serve the Kelshani as servants and laborers, and some unfortunate souls will be sacrificed to Sandamos.

Encounter Groups: These are common encounter groups for this type of encounter.
  • Novice (levels 1-3): 5 Kelshani Slavers, 1 Kelshani Cultist. 2d6x10 silver shillings. (I use a silver standard in my campaigns.)

  • Seasoned (levels 4-6): 15 Kelshani Slavers, 2 Kelshani Cultists, 1 Kelshani Master Slaver, 1 Kelshani Slave Lord. 2d4x100 silver shillings, 2d4 slaves, 1d3 gems, 1d3 jewelry, two consumable items (50% chance each), and one magic item (50% chance).

  • Veteran (levels 7-10): 30 Kelshani Slavers, 5 Kelshani Cultists, 2 Kelshani Master Slavers, 1 Kelshani Slave Lord. 2d6x100 silver shillings, 2d6 slaves, 2d4 gems, 1d4+1 jewelry, one magic weapon (50% chance), one magic armor (50% chance), two magic items (50% chance each), and two consumables (50% chance each).

Stat Blocks: The following stats are provided as examples for inspiration. Please adjust as needed to fit your preferred gaming system and style.
  • Kelshani Slavers: AC 8 [11]; HD 1d6+2 hp; Atk: by weapon (1d6); ST: 16; SP: +4 on saves to resist enchantment and charm magic; MV: 12; CL 1; XP: 15.

  • Kelshani Cultist: AC 5 [14]; HD 3d6+3 hp; Atk: by weapon (1d6); ST: 12; SP: +4 on saves to resist enchantment and charm magic, casts spells as 3rd level magic-user; MV: 9; CL 5; XP: 240.

  • Kelshani Master Slaver: AC 5 [14]; HD 5d6+10 hp; Atk: by weapon (1d8); ST: 12; SP: +4 on saves to resist enchantment and charm magic; MV: 9; CL 6; XP: 400.

  • Kelshani Slave Lord: AC 4 [15]; HD 7d6+7 hp; Atk: by weapon (1d6); ST: 8; SP: +4 on saves to resist enchantment and charm magic, casts spells as 7th level magic-user; MV: 12; CL 10; XP: 1,400.

Encounter Ideas: Here are six different scenarios related to this encounter type.
  1. The slavers have been hiding nearby, ready to ambush the unsuspecting party.

  2. The party comes across the slavers as they are marching a chained line of prisoners back to their encampment after a recent raid.

  3. The leader of the slavers demands to parley with the leader of the party, to negotiate an exchange of prisoners in order to obtain the release of a Kelshani noble from surface custody. (The party will likely have no clue as to what the slavers are talking about.)

  4. The Kelshani slavers are in the midst of a ritual sacrifice to summon a lesser demon when the party comes upon them.

  5. The slavers, observing the party's affluent nature, offers to trade some of their prisoners for an appropriate amount of treasure. (Assume roughly a thousand silver shilling/gold pieces per raw slave.)

  6. The slavers are fleeing a twisted aberration from the depths of the Madlands when the they encounter the party, and are more than willing to use the party to distract the beast while they get away.


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