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Hammersong's Legacy: The Gods of Cameria...

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Today, I completed detailing the two warring pantheons of the Hammersong's Legacy Campaign Setting. I have divided the selection into three parts. The Gods of the New Order are those that survived and won their fight. (Using Greek mythology as an analogy, these are essentially the Olympians of the setting.) The Fallen Sisters are the two goddess-siblings of the New Order that fell during the War of All Gods. The Gods of the Elder Courts were the inattentive and destructive gods who fell in battle to their divine children. (In Greek mythology, these would be the Titans of the setting, although I use the phrase Elder God throughout the text to refer to them.)

The Gods of the New Order are the current, active divine patrons; the victors of the War of All Gods. In the text, I've described them briefly, providing some details on how they are worshipped and the doctrines they teach, as well as list their favored weapon.

  • Gods of the New Order
    • Cerberos, the Vile Crusader
    • Entropea, Mistress of Chaos and Corruption
    • Herea, Mother of the Hearth
    • Lorae, Mistress of Mysteries
    • Oceanus, the Sea Warden
    • Sandamos, the Grand Tyrant
    • Soleron, the Sun Lord
    • Terantha, the Earth Mother
    • Verdantis, the Green Lord

Here's an example of a god's write-up:

Verdantis, the Green Lord
Verdantis is the god of flora, fauna and the elements. Those who honor the wild creatures of the world and the raw energies of the elements revere the Green Lord. He is typically honored within stone circles and simple shrines in the wilderness or near large sources of elemental energy. The lessons that Verdantis teaches his followers include:
  • All living creatures should strive to live in harmony with the natural world. Respect for all life is a sacred responsibility.
  • The devout should support works and deeds that promote and preserve harmony with the natural world. In fact, one must take action against those who harm or destroy nature, or otherwise upset the harmony of the wilderness.
  • Suffer not the existence of undeath, for they are accursed and defile the world.
Verdantis's favored weapon is the quarterstaff.

The Fallen Sisters represent a conundrum for the Referees to have fun with. There are isolated groups of followers of these two goddesses that desperately want to see them return to their ascended state. However, anything they discover that could work to restore their goddess may also be used to return an Elder God to the world as well, should it fall into the wrong hands. There's plenty of adventuring opportunity here to be exploited by the enterprising Referee.

  • The Fallen Sisters
    • Sheranea, Lady of Woes
    • Vaeleria, the Shieldmatron

The Gods of the Elder Courts are more primordial and ancient. I went with a lot of elemental and emotional foundations with this pantheon, and simply described the types of creatures they created, as well as the type of followers they typically had. The descriptions of followers can inform adventure creation for tales involving the agents of the Elder Gods that seek to restore their divine patron to a position of power in the world once again.

  • The Gods of the Elder Courts
    • Aqualea, Lady of the Eversea
    • Bibanos, the Devourer of Life
    • Cardeus, Lord of Strength
    • Fuerios, Lord of the Emberrealms
    • Khorethia, Lady of Song and Wind
    • Kuro, the Rage Lord
    • Meranoth, Lord of Lords
    • Ostarea, Goddess-Queen of Arborea
    • Psyche, Mistress of Dreams
    • Serpentea, Queen of Serpents
    • Teranos, Lord of the Deepmantle
    • Tortura, Maiden of Torment

And I'll close with an example of a write-up on an Elder God:

Meranoth, Lord of Lords
The eldest of the Gods of the Elder Courts, the Great Kinslayer was the one to rise up and slay his father, the First God, Celestus. God of kings, sovereignty and murder, Meranoth's creations were often noble creatures filled with pride and deadly talent. Followers of the Lord of Lords were often tyrants, warlords or assassins, and generally braggarts as well.


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