Friday, March 26, 2010

Hammersong's Legacy: Telireth Swordsong, Elde Sorcerer...

Good Afternoon, All:

Here's another playtest character, an Elde Sorcerer by the name of Telireth Swordsong. Please feel free to review the character and let me know your thoughts. Obviously, given his age, he was one of the last Elde to be born before the race was rendered infertile.

Character Name: Telireth Swordsong
Race: Elde
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 3rd
Experience: 5501 (+10% due to Charisma, Prime Attribute)
Patron Deity: Lorae, Mistress of Mysteries
Gender: Male
Age: 123
Distinctive Traits: brawny, clueless sorcerer
Languages: Duar, Elde, Fey, Hyrknoff, Ordath, Trade, Vaelan
Attribute Scores
Saving Throw: 13
Speed: 12
Attack Bonus: +1 (melee +2, ranged +1)
Hit Points: 18
Armor Class: 6 [13] (leather, shield)
Weapons: long sword (1d8+1 damage)
Special Abilities: arcane lore, athletics, perception, spell casting (can cast two 1st-level spells), greater alertness, infertile, low-light vision, +4 on saving throws to resist paralysis, sleep and charm magics
Spellbook: detect magic, read magic, protection from evil, sleep
Equipment: adventurer's pack, leather armor, long sword, shield, spellbook, 25 gold

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