Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hammersong's Legacy: Status Update...

Good Morning, All:

I've been hard at work on the Hammersong's Legacy Campaign Setting, and have managed to close the gap on a few outstanding issues. I'm currently sitting at 46,809 words and 80 pages of text, a definite improvement from my last report. The following remains to be completed, before we can move forward with layout and publishing:

  • Locales and Landmarks: Need to complete paragraph descriptions of some locales.
  • Organizations: Need to complete descriptions of some organizations and secret societies.
  • Way of Life: Need to complete calendar write-up.
  • Encounters: Need to complete Patron Encounter-style write-ups for three remaining encounter types.
  • Rumors: Need to complete rumors table for the setting.
  • Rynoc's Reach: Need to complete the cast of characters, common encounters and local rumor sections for this base of operations.

That's a hard week or two to finish this off, but so far, things are going along according to schedule. While I could just whip out some minor stuff to cover these outstanding topics, or simply remove some of them from the overall outline. However, I don't like to create sloppy work. I'd rather take the time to do it and do it right, simply because that's what I would want if I were picking this up from someone else. (While I know that others may not always like what I present, I can feel proud that I put my best into it.) Right now, the goal is to bring this book in at around 88 to 96 pages. Overall, that means I'll probably ask for $6.99 for the PDF and $13.99 for the print version in perfect bound softcover.

Hope This Helps,


James said...

I'm really looking forward to the finished product. Don't skimp now - finish off all those bits you planned to, give it a good proof-read or three and get it published when its ready and not a moment sooner. Good Luck!

I'll probably only get the pdf version initially, but I plan on purchasing a MyD20Lite Players guide, Hammersong's Legacy and the Referee's guide all in one hit from Lulu to save on postage.

Please tell me I won't be waiting too long...? ;-)

Flynn said...

I understand, and appreciate the support and encouragement. :)

The Referee's Guide is a concern for me, because I want to get it done before the baby gets here, but am uncertain if I can manage it in time. If I succeed, we're looking at late May. If I fail, then it'll likely be August or September before the Referee's Guide is available.

Wish I Had Better News,