Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Current Projects: A Brief Update...

Good Afternoon, All:

Today, I thought I'd provide a brief update on my current projects.

Stellar Reaches Issue #10
I've been sitting on some material for the next release of my Traveller fanzine, Stellar Reaches. I'm going to be putting that together and putting that out before the end of March, in keeping with my New Year's Resolution.

Hammersong's Legacy
So far, this campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry is coming along very well. I've compiled my work together, and found it so far to cover 50 letter-size pages and 28,000 words. I have also identified the elements that still need to be written, which include the following:
* Fleshing out some details on various locales.
* Finish detailing the Gods of the Elder Courts, those that lost the War of All Gods.
* Flesh out the cosmology of the setting.
* Finish detailing some of the organizations and secret societies for the setting.
* Write up the calendar of the setting.
* Complete the racial write-ups under the new game mechanics section.
* Finish some of the encounter write-ups.
* Create the stat blocks for the bestiary section.
* Finish the cast of characters for Rynoc's Reach.
* Write up the rumors for the setting.

I estimate that the above will add a considerable number of pages, so my previous rough estimate of being three-quarters done is off by a little bit. Still, I may be able to wrap this up at 80 pages, and get this setting out for your enjoyment. My personal goal here is to get this out before the end of April, and the sooner the better.

MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide
The Referee's Guide is still a work in progress. I'm sitting at 84 pages and 35,750 words, and I know that there are still major sections that must be completed before it can be considered ready to go. I'm hopeful about getting this one out before wife delivers our new baby in early June, but who knows? I will post the most recent draft shortly, so please check out my gaming files website for your chance to peruse the work and see if you have any suggestions to offer.

Of course, all of this could change if I end up being distracted by another small project. Sometimes I feel like a cat or a pseudodragon, easily led astray by bright shiny objects and laser pointers. It must be the coming of Spring.

More Later,

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