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Hammersong's Legacy: Three New Winged Creatures for S&W...

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As the last monstrous preview for the bestiary section of the Hammersong's Legacy Campaign Setting, I offer the following three winged creatures common to the forests and jungles of Cameria. There are currently 49 new monsters described in the bestiary section, as well as random encounter tables designed to help Referees implement them. If I were so inclined, this section would probably make a nice stand-alone supplement in its own right. Hmmmm.... I'll have to give that idea some thought, if only to get some of this information out there for others to use right now.

Anyway, without any further adieu, here are three winged creatures for your Swords & Wizardry campaigns: the canker hound, the winged cat and the winged serpent.

Canker Hound
Pestilent bearers of plague and disease, the canker hound resembles a large wolf with black, leathery bat wings, its hide spotty with mange, blemishes and pustules. Twisted by the blood of gods, the canker hound is a ferocious predator. Indeed, the bite of a canker hound is highly infectious with canker fever. Those foes that are wounded by the canker hound's bite must make a successful saving throw or suffer 2d4 points of damage as canker fever takes hold. Every morning thereafter, infected victim must make another saving throw or suffer an additional 2d4 points of damage from canker fever. Infected victims no longer suffer damage from canker fever when they have succeeded in their saving throws for two days in a row. Canker hounds are immune to disease.

Canker Hound: AC 4 [15]; HD 5; Atk: bite (1d8 + disease); ST: 12; SP: diseased bite, immune to disease; MV: 15, fly 21; CL 8; XP 800.

Winged Cat
Winged cats resemble common housecats with two bat-like wings coming from their shoulders. Commonly encountered in the canopy of great forests, winged cats are vicious hunters of squirrels and small birds, and are in turn hunted by larger aerial predators, such as winged serpents and canker hounds. Winged cats are often kept as pets by wizards and the affluent.

Winged Cat: AC 6 [13]; HD 2; Atk: bite (1d4); ST: 16; SP: none; MV: 6, fly 15; CL 3; XP 60.

Winged Serpent
Common to the jungle and forest canopies of Cameria, the winged serpent is a small snake with a pair of rainbow-feathered wings that give it the ability to fly. Winged serpents average about three feet in length, with a wingspan of up to five feet. The bite of the winged serpent is highly toxic, inflicting 2d6 points of damage, which is halved by a successful saving throw. In addition, the winged serpent possesses the ability to generate an electric arc that targets a single victim within twenty feet, inflicting 1d8 points of electricity damage (save for half damage). Flocks of winged serpents will often work together against larger prey, delivering multiple electric arcs against a single target before closing in to deliver their poisonous bite. Winged serpents are immune to electricity and poison.

Winged Serpent: AC 4 [15]; HD 3; Atk: bite (1d4 + poison); ST: 14; SP: electric arc (1d8, save for half damage), immune to electricity and poison, poison (2d6, save for half damage); MV: 12, fly 18; CL 7; XP 600.


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