Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free RPG Day: Missing It Yet Again...

Good Evening, All:

Next Saturday, June 19th, 2010, is Free RPG Day, a movement by RPG publishers to encourage more roleplaying by giving away free "Quick Start" versions of their rules and/or adventure modules. I really enjoyed the first one, and indeed, I picked up an adventure that proved to be my son's first roleplaying adventure. I didn't get in on last year's, and sadly, I will miss this year's as well, this time due to a newborn in the house. If anyone in the Central Texas area is planning on attending any of those activities and wishes to share some of the bounty they gathered, I would definitely be interested.

Also, does anyone know if any of these modules or experiences will be hosted in an online game of some sort? I may be able to play from home via an electronic tabletop, assuming that all is going well. (I could even call it an early Father's Day present.)

Checking out the Free RPG Day website, I found that participating game stores will have the following in their box for distribution:
* Alderac Entertainment Group
Silver (5 per box), L5R 4th Edition RPG Quickstart & Adventure
* Amarillo Design Bureau
Store Sample (1 per box), Prime Directive Quickstart
* Blue Panther
Store Sample (1 per box), Unique Color Knockdown Dice Tower
* Chessex Manufacturing
Bronze (4 per box), Commemorative Dice
* Columbia Games
Store Sample (1 per box), Harn Quickstart & Adventure
* Exile Game Studios
Bronze (3 per box), Hollow Earth Expedition Quickstart & Adv.
* Fantasy Flight Games
Gold (10 per box), Warhammer 40K Roleplay: Deathwatch Adventure
* Goodman Games
Silver (5 per box), Age of Cthulhu Adventure: Abominations of the Amazon Adventure
* Guild of Blades Publishing
Store Sample (1 per box), Heroes Forever Quickstart & Adventure
* Paizo Publishing
Gold (10 per box), Pathfinder Module: Master of the Fallen Fortress
* Q-Workshop
Gold (10 per box), unique dice
* Skirmisher Publishing
Bronze (3 per box), d-∞, Volume 0
* Troll Lord Games
Silver (5 per box), Castles & Crusades Quickstart and Adventure
* White Wolf Publishing
Gold (10 per box), New Exalted 2nd Edition Quickstart & Adventure entitled "Under the Rose"
* Wizards of the Coast
Platinum (15 per box), Dark Sun 4th Edition D&D Adventure

Looks like there's a lot of neat stuff to choose from. I look forward to hearing tales of everyone's adventures and the impact of Free RPG Day on your gaming this summer.

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