Friday, June 25, 2010

Stellar Quest: Three Starship Stat Blocks For Your Review...

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Below is a brief look at three of the starships that will be included in Stellar Quest. Note that the stat block for each vessel is as close to the monster stat block as I could make it and still feel good about it. I'm still working out bugs in the design process, but I think I've got things far enough along in my head that I can post some rough starship stats and get some reader input.

As an aside, both Size (SZ) and Cargo refer to "units", a generic unit of measurement that encompasses a volume of just over a hundred cubic meters. In mapping terms, each unit represents a section of space approximately six meters by six meters by three meters, or roughly a 20' by 20' square, 10' tall.

The stat block values, in order, are:

Size (SZ): The basic volume of a vessel, expressed in units.
Crew: The number and disposition of crew positions required for the vessel.
Cargo: The amount of volume available to carry cargo, expressed in units.
Armor Class (AC): The base armor class of the ship for space combat. Both Descending AC and Ascending AC are provided.
Hit Dice (HD): The hit dice of the vessel. These reflect Structure Points, which operate like hit points in space combat.
Attacks (Atk): The attacks that the crew can make using the ship's weapon systems.
Special (SP): A list of special elements for the ship.
Movement (MV): The movement values for the ship's warp drives and thrusters. A vessel's warp drive value determines the number of parsecs the ship can move in one week, while a ship's thruster rating determines the relative movement of the ship during space combat.

Exploration Scout
Exploration Scouts are designed to cross great distances and locate enemies quickly without engaging in serious combat.

Exploration Scout: SZ 24; Crew 2 (pilot, astrogator); Cargo 7; AC 4 [15]; HD 6; Atk: one missile (1d10) or one laser (2d8); SP: shields (+2 AC, 100 hp), teleporter pad; MV: thrusters 2, warp 2.

Survey Scout
Survey Scouts typically survey interstellar space within the Confederation and the stars beyond its borders.

Survey Scout: SZ 96; Crew 13 (2 pilots, astrogator, 2 engineers, 2 gunners, 6 scientists); Cargo 25; AC 5 [14]; HD 24; Atk: one dual missile (2d8), one dual laser (3d8); SP: laboratory, shields (+2 AC, 100 hp), sickbay, teleporter pad; MV: thrusters 2, warp 3.

Survey Cruiser
Survey Cruisers are among the largest of the exploration vessels used by the Confederation. While the Stellar Patrol has larger warships, the Survey Cruiser is focused more on exploration than aggression.

Survey Cruiser: SZ 192; Crew 42 (2 pilots, astrogator, 4 engineers, 1 medic, 4 gunners, 10 security, 20 scientists); Cargo 32; AC 5 [14]; HD 48; Atk: two dual missiles (2d8), two dual lasers (3d8); SP: barracks, engineering shop, hangar (smallcraft), laboratory, shields (+2 AC, 100 hp), sickbay, teleporter pad; MV: thrusters 2, warp 4.

So, what do you think?

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Trey said...

Interesting. Is an Enterprise-style heavy cruiser coming up?

Flynn said...

I need a good description to work from, but I'm sure something can be arranged...

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