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The Madlands Campaign: The Archmagus Marcelus, the Blade-Sorcerer...

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I've found that having a famous mage or two available for historical references is always a good thing for a campaign. Last campaign, I used the Archmagus Agerean, who suffered from excessive vanity but was quite the accomplished wizard. This campaign will be set in a separate region, so Agerean won't be available to fill the role he had in the previous game. Therefore, it is time to create another great mage for the Madlands Campaign. Enter the Archmagus Marcelus, also known as the Blade-Sorcerer.
The Archmagus Marcelus

At the height of his career, the Archmagus Marcelus, the Blade-Sorcerer, Bearer of the Starbrand, was an accomplished mage-warrior as skilled in combat as he was in magic. A vengeful magelord, the Blade-Sorcerer preferred direct confrontation, blasting his way through his enemies' minions, only to face them with sword in hand. There are some that say the blood of the God of Wrath flows through his veins, while others claim that Marcelus is simply a devout zealot of the Vengeful Lord.

While a number of magical arms and armor are connected to the legends surrounding the Archmagus Marcelus, including the celestial Starbrand that was his preferred weapon, perhaps the greatest and most powerful relic belonging to the Blade-Sorcerer is the Sacred Sword-Throne. This mystical chair is said to confer unto magelords great power derived from godsblood, if they can survive the challenge of the spiritual guardians that inhabit the throne.

Although the Archmagus Marcelus is not longer among the living upon the Plane Prime, many sages, scholars and magelords seek to recover the secrets of War Magic as practiced by the Blade-Sorcerer. His tomes of magical lore are desired by treasure seekers, and his great war rituals inspire awe and fear upon the battlefield. None know the location of the Tomb of the Blade-Sorcerer, where the body of the great magelord is said to be interred with the Starbrand, but all agree that the Tomb of the Blade-Sorcerer lies somewhere in the Madlands.
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