Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Madlands Campaign: Basics of a Campaign Handout...

Good Evening, All:

This week, I'm going to start laying out and preparing a simple campaign handout for the Madlands Campaign. My goal for this handout is to convey a basic sense of the setting for the players, and provide a little information needed for character creation, all in an easy-to-absorb package. I hope that is will only be 2-3 pages long, one of which will be a regional map for the players (which will not be complete, of course, given the sandbox nature of the campaign.)

I've done a little research, and have come up with the following list of potential topics to cover. None should take up more than a paragraph or two, preferably no more than half a page at most.

  • Brief campaign/regional overview (one to two paragraph) to set the mood
  • Role of various races
  • Local settlement information
  • Nearby major landmarks, settlements, ruins, lairs and locales
  • Local major NPCs
  • Maybe a few story hooks... maybe
  • Basic regional map, player's version

What do you think? What would you want to see in a simple campaign handout?

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Robert Fisher said...

That all sounds good.

My tip: You are going to have some players that devour any setting info you give them and others who don’t read anything. So, a couple of things I try to do for the latter set:

After you get done, write a single paragraph that is the “if you don’t read anything else, you should know this” stuff. Then, do the same thing but with a single sentence.

Another tack I’ve taken is to come up with a “top ten” list. The top ten things everyone should know about the setting. This usually ends up including some practical info relating to house-rules or play-style besides just pure setting info.