Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yet Another Retro-Clone Variant: Hunters of the Night...

Good Evening, All:

I have yet another retro-clone variant or retro-supplement idea that I'm going to offer up for those that might want to pursue it. I think it would be interesting to take the D20 Modern concept and shift it backward toward a simpler retro-clone simulacrum. The core conceit of the setting should be a modern fantasy or dark horror setting, like normals that are trying to defend the unknowing public from the creatures of the night, kind of a Special Unit Two vibe mixed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or maybe a World of Darkness Hunter setting. I would suggest this concept could be called Hunters of the Night.

I'd either suggest a three class setup, much like True 20 (warrior, expert and adept), or the classic D20 Modern approach (six classes based on the six attributes). The hard part is to come up with a way of presenting the core classes with limited abilities that fit the standard retro-clone approach, while still being interesting enough to play over a campaign.

Like 3d6 Fantasy, I release this particular idea to the world, for whoever wants to use it. If someone does decide to pick this up and run with it, I just hope that they let me know so I can watch it develop. Right now, I've got my hands full with everything else on my plate.


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Trey said...

I had been thinking about using at least some elements of d20 modern like you suggest in an attempt to create a better suited retro-clone for my pulpish setting--though admittedly, I haven't gotten very far with that yet.