Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September Update...

Good Evening, All:

Today is the beginning of the month, and as such, it's time for another quick update. Given that I obviously haven't released the Hammersong's Legacy Campaign Setting last month, I definitely hope to see it come out in the early part of this month. I've got most of the "rewrite" work done, but family time and personal campaign prep took precedence over getting the product finalized and released. It's so close, though, I can taste it.

While I've done a little work on Stellar Quest and the MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide, I can't say that I've made appreciable strides in getting those two anywhere near completed. Those will lag behind, I think, as the vagaries of fate allow me the opportunity to work on them. I'll still post about them as I can, because doing so makes me work on those projects so that they do not flounder. However, don't be surprised if most of my posts for the next few weeks are either about my personal campaign (aka the Madlands Campaign) or about Hammersong's Legacy.

I also need to pull out my stack of Old School material and do some reviews. It's been far too long since I've done so.

More Tomorrow,

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James said...

I'm looking forward to Hammersong's Legacy!