Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stellar Quest: A List of Monsters, Part III...

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This third batch of creatures and encounters inspired by Star Trek completes the list of possible creatures and hazards that will need to be created in Stellar Quest. With this third list completed, I can see a few creatures that I may blend together, and some common divisions in regards to creature types. I think this should be a lot of fun to do. Okay, what do you think of the following list?

  • Absarokans: An advanced race of intelligent avians, whose warrior culture places strong emphasis on concepts of honor and tradition.
  • Celoth: A large, aggressive ursoid predator with six-inch fangs native to the homeworld of the Eridanites; often domesticated and kept as family pets.
  • Chtonians: A radially symmetrical, tentacled sentient shapeshifter race to whom deception is a way of life.
  • Deathape: A large, albino ape-like predator with sharp, serrated teeth capable of delivering a strong venomous bite; the deathape's venom is particularly deadly.
  • Decedirans: An ancient starfaring race of albino felinoids, the Decedirans possess a number of significantly advanced technologies that they keep to themselves, such as the ability to send persons over interstellar distances.
  • Durandeans: A shapeshifting silicon-based race with a stone-like appearance, large fore-claws, and a fascination with the human concept of morality.
  • Frangereans: An advanced non-humanoid psionic race of unknown extragalactic origin, noted for their frail physiology that cannot survive in environments better suited for Terrans without the assistance of psionic enhancers to boost their natural psionic abilities; encountered infrequently in small groups sent by their mysterious Elders to evaluate and study the humanoids of the Milky Way galaxy for reasons unknown.
  • Leafwing: A large flying predatory plant-like creature native to Kemosia, the leafwing has a five meter wide wingspan, and are capable of lifting creatures up to the size of humans into the air.
  • Mosasauroid: A huge aquatic saurian beast that resembles a Mosasaur.
  • Numen: A race of highly advanced beings that stored their consciousnesses in crystalline spheres, and use their significant psionic powers to seek new races to serve as receptacles for their minds.
  • Observers: An ancient sentient humanoid race noted for their overdeveloped brain case, their xenophobic tendencies and their ability to generate mental illusions; the Observers maintain a prison/menagerie of explorers that have violated the planetary space of the Observers' homeworld.
  • Overseers: An ancient predatory race with low intelligence but an innate ability to control the minds of others; once controlled a significant part of explored space in the distant past before they were overthrown; the race is now extinct, but examples of their technology still survives in caches throughout this region of the galaxy.
  • Preservers: A race of highly advanced beings that stored their consciousnesses in a crystalline matrix, and use their significant psionic powers to gather thralls for bloodsport and gladiatorial games.
  • Silicates: A silicon-based lifeform that feeds on minerals as it burrows through the earth, silicates are covered with a powerful acid that is very dangerous to carbon-based lifeforms.
  • Stellar Protist: A vast creature of unknown origin dwelling in outer space and resembling an immense amoeba, the Stellar Protist is surrounded by a field of radiation that is anathema to most living creatures.
  • The Attendant: A non-corporeal energy lifeform noted for its superior telekinetic and healing abilities.
  • Triller: Small, furry, non-intelligent vermin known for their accelerated asexual reproductive rate when exposed to ample food stores, as well as its trilling, which has a calming effect on humans; trillers and Cronosians have a mutual antipathy for one another, and Cronosian will often exterminate trillers on sight.
  • Ursids: An intelligent bear-like race, ursids stand well over two meters tall, with a thick furry hide and vicious claws.
  • Vampiric Entity: An intelligent, predatory, non-corporeal lifeform that feeds by forcibly extracting the iron from blood, this creature has the ability to manipulate gravity and possibly even subspace.
  • Wendigans: A primitive race of large humanoids noted for their thick furry hides and their use of Stone Age technology.

This post completes the entire list of Star Trek-inspired creatures, since we are limiting ourselves to the sci-fi shows of the late 60s and early 70s. What other shows do we need to consider for this project, if any?

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