Monday, September 13, 2010

Stellar Quest: A List of Monsters, Part II...

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What follows is the second batch of creatures and encounters based on the inspirational material for Stellar Quest. When this is done, these will be available via the OGL without infringing on existing Star Trek Product Identity. Please let me know what you think of the following:

  • A. I. Overlords: Any of a diverse collection of artificially intelligent entities who have assumed a role of overlord, tyrant, god, or similar authority figure over a less advanced species.
  • Alphans: A telepathic, xenophobic humanoid race who use mental illusions to punish those that trespass into their space.
  • Andromedans: A race of highly advanced non-humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy, these multi-tentacled beings normally stand twice as tall as a human. They are equipped with superior technology, including mental transference into biological shells, the ability to neutralize voluntary muscle control, and even intergalactic travel.
  • Biodroid (“Android”): Anthropomorphic robots that are convincingly lifelike at a cursory glance, but are easily distinguishable as robotic upon closer inspection.
  • Bioreplica (“Synthetics”): Anthropomorphic robots that are so convincingly lifelike that they are virtually indistinguishable from a biological entity without specialized equipment.
  • Boulder Beast: A gargantuan predatory beast with a thick rock-like integument, the boulder beast is resistant to energy attacks and resembles a rocky mound when at rest.
  • Couatl: A race of long-lived entities resembling winged serpents that visit distant worlds and instruct them in ways to improve their technology and their way of life.
  • Cyborean: A noncorporeal energy lifeform that possesses the ability to inhabit and control electronic systems such as starship computers. Possibly a highly advanced form of free-moving computer virus.
  • Dronans: An arrogant race of sentient colony creatures with a vaguely humanoid “hive” appearance.
  • Gillarans: A race of telepathic, intelligent semi-aquatic gastropoids with xenophobic tendencies.
  • Glamer Beast: A small reptilian creature that possesses the ability to project illusions into the minds of those that observe it; numerous grifters have bonded with such beasts to use in perpetrating various confidence games.
  • Gorgons: A telepathic noncorporeal race whose appearance is so warped over multiple dimensions that viewing it can lead to insanity or death. Because of their multi-dimensional nature, Gorgons make exceptional astrogators.
  • Hunting Plant: A small, mobile plant with poisonous thorns.
  • Kemosians: A race of highly intelligent photosynthetic lifeforms with many plant-like qualities.
  • Psychic Parasite: A non-corporeal energy lifeform that possesses a humanoid host and commits serial murders so that it may feed on the pain and fear caused by such traumatic acts.
  • Pterosauroid: A huge saurian beast that resembles a Pterosaur.
  • Salivore: A humanoid creature, slightly shorter than a Terran, with olive grey skin, white hair and a moray-like mouth, the salivore feeds on salts, and can extract its food from living beings. The salivore possesses a psionic lure that allows it to appear as a friendly individual to its targets, and at close range can even stun its victims.
  • Space Probe: Any of a variety of exploratory space probes launched in the early years of a culture's interplanetary and/or interstellar exploration, those few worthy of comment usually result from fusion with alien technology, whereupon they derive programming that seeks to destroy all living creatures and the weapons to carry out such directives.
  • Transcendants: A race of non-corporeal energy lifeforms with great power and a pacifistic mindset.
  • Vendrake: A large felinoid predator with venomous claws that inhabits the rocky badlands of the Eridanite homeworld.

Once again, this list is not complete. The next post in this thread should complete the entire list of Star Trek-inspired creatures.

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