Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Stellar Quest: Lists of Inspirational Creatures...

Good Evening, All:

What monsters should be included in an RPG inspired by Star Trek? Well, I've been asking myself that same question, so that I can make sure to include some creatures of a similar, inspired ilk. Since I couldn't pull it all from memory, I of course hit the internet, and found a few nice lists to inspire. Of course, I'm going to include a good number of creatures that are my own creation, but it wouldn't be a proper inspired RPG without cuddly furballs, glowing rock creatures, and some of the other strangeness from that television series.

From the index of the book "Monsters of Star Trek" comes the following list of creatures:

* The Shape Shifters
o M-113 creature
o Kelvans
o Isis

* The Mind Benders
o Sylvia and Korob
o Melkotians
o Yarnek
o Talosians

* Ancient Races
o Zetars
o Sargon's species
o The Companion
o The Providers

* Energy Creatures
o Red Jack
o Beta XII-A entity
o The Vampire Cloud
o Organians
o Trelane
o Charlie Evans/Thasians

* Dangerous Animals
o Space amoeba
o Flying Parasites
o The Mugato
o Tribbles

* Alien Races
o The Horta
o Medusans
o Tholians
o Gorns
o Vulcans
o Tellarites
o Andorians
o Orions

* Androids, Computers, and Mad Machines
o Ruk
o Mudd androids
o Vaal
o The Great Teacher
o Oracle of the People
o Nomad
o Berserker
o Plus, two Star Trek monsters you have never seen:
+ Anthropoid ape
+ Taurus II anthropoid

A list of the creatures from the animated series can be found at:

Between these two resources, I should have plenty to work with. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

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Jayson said...

Don't forget the couple of creatures that were mentioned but never shown, like Aldebaran Shellmouths or Berengarian Dragons.

Trey said...

There are also the super-sped-up Scalosians, and the subjugated, underclass, the Troglytes, and the ancient children of Miri's World. Then there are the spores that make people happy, from whatever that episode was named.

Following on Jayson's comment there's also the Denebian slime devil, and Spock's childhood sehlat.

Flynn said...

Any links to descriptions, etc, of these beasts would be greatly appreciated.

With Regards,

Jayson said...

Trey brings up another potential category: Bizarre plants, like the Omicron Ceti spores he refers to, or the jiggling mako root for curing Mugato bites, or Beauregard the shrieking handflower.

Or, before I forget, the ballistic seedpods on Gamma Trianguli VI from "The Apple."

Jayson said...

Memory Alpha ought to have everything you need.