Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stellar Quest: A List of Monsters, Part I...

Good Evening, All:

As I start to compile a list of monsters from the inspirational material for Stellar Quest, I am renaming and rewriting these creatures so that they can be made available through the OGL without infringing on Star Trek Product Identity. The first part of the list includes the following:

  • Ape-Men: Any of a number of ape-like humanoids found on numerous worlds. Their genetic similarities are often used as further proof that the Progenitors seeded many worlds in this region of space long ago.
  • Aquarian Sea Serpent: A huge aquatic lifeform indigenous to Aquaria.
  • Aquarians: Terrans that have been genetically engineered to live underwater on the waterworld of Aquaria.
  • Archon: A noncorporeal energy lifeform that possesses great telekenitic powers.
  • Deva: A noncorporeal being so advanced as to appear to have the qualities and powers of a god.
  • Eidolon: A noncorporeal energy lifeform that feeds on emotions.
  • Mantids: A minor starfaring race of mantis-like humanoids with four legs, two arms ending in pincers, large composite eyes and dark chitin.
  • Narandi: A trilaterally symmetrical humanoid race with three arms, three legs, deep orange skin and amber eyes.
  • Nebular Leech: A vast interstellar, noncorporeal sentient lifeform that leeches energy from the worlds that lay in its path.
  • Neural Puppeteer: A parasitic creature that can dominate its host upon contact.
  • Omegans: A race of telepathic humanoids with tawny skin and slitted, catlike pupils.
  • Recreants: A race of cowardly emerald-skinned humanoids with four arms.
  • Tyrannoid: A huge saurian beast that resembles a Tyrannosaur.
  • Volt-lynx: A felinoid creature with the ability to generate electricity.
  • World Slayer: A Progenitor interstellar weapon capable of destroying planets.
  • Zeta Reticulans: A race of grey-skinned diminutive humanoids, possessing unusually large heads with large black eyes, no noticeable nostrils and very small mouths.

So, can you spot any that might be familiar to you? Yes, I did slip the Greys in there, as a replacement for one of the species from the animated series, but I thought it would probably be okay.

This list is not complete, of course. I'll continue the list in the next few posts, until I have the entire list of Star Trek-inspired creatures complete.

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Matt said...

Good list. I'm looking forward to this game.

Blair said...

Very cool; I can always use more sci-fi monsters!