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Savage Odyssey Prime: New Edges...

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The core rulebook for Odyssey Prime describes a number of feats that are easily converted, at least conceptually, into Edges. What follows are a list of the new Edges I've developed for my Savage Odyssey Prime campaign:

Professional Edges


Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+
Your hero has received extraordinary training, most likely from the military, in parachuting and skydiving techniques. Your hero receives a +2 bonus to all Agility trait checks related to parachuting. In addition, if your hero becomes entangled in his parachute, he can cut himself out of the entangled parachute as a free action on his turn.


Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Swimming d6+
Your hero has been trained for advanced amphibious movement. He is able to hold his breath for double the usual duration, and may swim at twice the normal rate.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Knowledge (Computers) d6+
Your hero is especially talented at breaking computer codes and similar activities. He gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Computers) skill checks made to overcome computer security systems.


Requirements: Spirit d8+, Persuasion d6+, Stealth d6+
Your hero is skilled at studying and impersonating others. He gains a +2 bonus on any Persuasion or Stealth trait check related to impersonating someone he has studied for several hours in terms of appearance, mannerisms, speech and background.

Portal Operator

Requirements: Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Computers) d6+
Your hero is trained in the esoteric science related to the proper use of portal technology. He gains a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (Computers) trait checks related to operating portal technology.

Weird Edges

Empathic Communication

Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+
Your hero can communicate with sentient beings through gestures, drawing, reading reactions, empathy, and guessing on both parties' part. This is limited to relatively simple words ("We friends," "Need food," "I am _____"). He can convey longer and more advanced ideas if he can establish a "point of reference," linking the target to a human equivalent he is familiar with and can relate to. For example, an Egyptologist would have an easier time communicating with people exhibiting characteristics of an Egyptian culture.

While the above seem fairly mundane, it is important to bear in mind that the characters of a Savage Odyssey Prime are, by and large, rather mundane people. They will rarely possess special abilities, and thus will often rely on technology and allies to accomplish the miracles that may be possible in other dimensions. However, within the context of their own homeworld, they can easily be among the best. After all, the future and survival of the American way of life depends on the success of the Odyssey Project.

Please note that this list doesn't include anything from Agents of Oblivion, particularly those Edges related to the Resource Management system. Perhaps I will cover them in a future post. By the time I organize my own game's "Player's Guide," they'll be in the list of approved choices, of course.

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