Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Savage Odyssey Prime: Three Dimensions Serving As Urban Encounters...

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The third of our four stops in the tour of my Savage Odyssey Prime sandbox setting involves Urban Encounters, which are traditionally more roleplay-intensive or negotiation-oriented. The following dimensions correspond to the category of Settlements (or Towns and Cities) in a proper sandbox campaign setting:
al-Ard (97, -92, 13, 13, -18, 1): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Wet world; Population 841,891,716 (100% Human); Feudalism; Medieval technology; Horror/Supernatural, Arabic, Wild Martial Art.
al-Ard is a realm most reminiscent of the Crusades, where foreign knights and desert horsemen battle against one another, as they also resist the incursion of Things That Go Bump In The Night. The Dervishes of al-Ard are highly skilled swordsmen and combine their great skill with acrobatic dances and a training discipline focused on overcoming obstacles.

Leninmir, lka Earth (-45, 86, -68, -40, -31, 2): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Wet world; Population 4,216,657,687 (100% Human); Police State; Pre-Stellar technology; Alternate History, North American, Technological.
The history of Leninmir greatly resembles that of our own dimension, until the NATO military exercise known as Able Archer 83. In the Leninmir timeline, the events sparked a drive in Leonid Brezhnev to strike quickly against the growing aggression of the United States of America and their NATO allies. Five years later, a renewed Brezhnev directed Soviet forces to strike America on their native soil. The events were so successful that the invasive action decisively ended the Cold War. Resistance forces still fight the oppressive tyranny of the Soviet occupation forces in America, but the Soviet position as a conqueror of the United States has been well established in this timeline.

Thoth, lka Geb (-63, -95, 61, -34, -12, -1): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Wet world; Population 3,149,525,453 (100% Human); Theocracy; Industrial technology; Contemporary, Egyptian, Psionics.
In the realm of Thoth, Egyptian influences permeate their modern society. The priesthood known as the Order of Thoth maintains a firm control over their world, as the church holds a monopoly on the use of psionics. Those acolytes that have taken the training and then turned against the Order, or any non-Thothian psions, for that matter, are hunted down as traitors to the state religion.

The first two settings were inspired somewhat by movies (Prince of Persia and Red Dawn, respectively). Given the state of unrest and potential conflict, all of these settings should offer ample opportunities for urban adventures, each with their own unique flavor and challenges.


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