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Savage Odyssey Prime: Resource Management...

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The core rulebook for Odyssey Prime details specific equipment selections based on mission type. Given the "Fast, Fun, Furious!" nature of Savage Worlds, I am much more inclined to an approach similar to the Resource Management system introduced in Green Ronin's Agents of Oblivion. The basics of the approach I will most likely use would be as follows:

Resource Management

Every character starts a mission with 4 Resource Points, +1 per Rank over Novice. Resource points are spent requisitioning items, as follows:
  • 1 Resource Point = 4 Equipment Picks
  • 1 Resource Point = 1 Perk
  • 1 Resource Point = 1 Single Use Device (SUD)
  • 2 Resource Points = 1 Spytech/ Special Training

Standard Equipment
Regardless of other equipment selections, all team members are given the following when on missions:
  • Standard Uniform: Sky blue (on base) or per environment (off world). Dam Con teams posing as members of other agencies will wear uniforms appropriate to that agency.
  • Radio: With throat microphone (off base).
  • Auto-Pistol: Auto-pistol (Dmg 2d6, AP1; Rng 12/24/48; ROF 1; Shots 15; SA) and four clips of ammo.
  • Ranger Armor: Given on missions where combat is possible, this is equivalent to Kevlar armor (+2 Armor, +4 vs bullets; covers torso).
  • Tactical Helmet: Offers some protection to the head (+1 Armor; 50% chance vs. head shot).

Equipment Picks
Each Equipment Pick may be spent on one "standard issue" of specific civilian or military equipment, subject to the Director’s approval.
  • Weapons: Each Equipment Pick spent on a weapon gives the team member one weapon and four spare clips of ammunition as appropriate.
  • More Ammo: Each Equipment Pick provides 4 clips of ammunition.
  • Explosives: Team members with Knowledge (Demolitions) d6+ may requisition four pounds of C4/Semtex explosive as an Equipment Pick. One pound of C4/Symtex deals 4d6 in a MBT; this damage counts as a Heavy Weapon. Adding more gives +1d6 damage per additional pound, and increases the range to LBT.
  • Grenades: Each Equipment Pick provides the agent with three standard grenades of their choice. Common types include frag (Dmg 3d6, MBT; Rng 5/10/20; ROF 1; Shots --), smoke (Dmg obscurement, MBT; Rng 5/10/20; ROF 1; Shots --; -4 Notice and attacks) and thermite (Dmg 6d6, fire; Rng 5/10/20; ROF 1; Shots --; only damages the item or creature it rests on). Stun grenades are considered Single Use Devices, because they derive from Builder technology, and so are not included in this selection.

Perks are primarily useful for Dam Con teams. The list found in Agents of Oblivion will do for starters, although there will likely be adjustments.

Single Use Device (SUD)
Most Single Use Devices will be based on Builder technology or other technologies (possibly even magic) retrieves from other dimensions beyond the Sherman Ring. The list from Agents of Oblivion will significantly altered, but it's a good place to start for inspiration.

Spytech/Special Training
The list of Spytech and Special Training that is found in Agents of Oblivion will serve as the basis for these requests, although I imagine I'll have a final list once I'm ready for the game.

I'll likely follow this up with another post on the typical "loadouts" for team members by mission type and team role. That way, it's easy to simply say, "I go with the usual," and get on with the game, instead of spending time shopping at the beginning of a mission.

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