Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Half Dozen Fantasy Encounter Scenarios...

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Today, I felt like pushing my creativity, as time has been a constraint of late. Like any physical muscle, the more you use your brain, the better it becomes. With that in mind, I'm going to make myself post a brief synopsis of six different fantasy encounter scenarios. Basically, with a list like this on hand, it becomes easier for GMs to run an improvised rather than structured game. In addition, I hope that this serves as inspiration for other GMs, and perhaps some day I might be able to see a half-dozen of their scenario suggestions to add to my resources as a GM.

A Half Dozen Fantasy Encounter Scenarios

  1. There Are Nomads In My Meadow: A nomadic tribe of barbaric humanoids are moving through the area in search of better hunting grounds. While generally keeping to themselves, herds of cattle and flocks of sheep sometimes make for easy hunting with so many mouths to feed. The locals are angry and nervous, creating a tense environment that could flare into violence with an overt act of aggresion from either side. If left alone, the nomads travel on after 1d3 days.
  2. Rat Stampede: As the echo of a loud monstrous bellow dies down from the nearby woods, several waves of giant rats surge forth, squealling in terror. The size of large dogs, these giant rats charge through nearby farms and orchards, running through hovels and barns, basically fleeing their former woodland home with wild abandon. Once the initial issue of giant rats has been handled, the party may seek to investigate the source of the rats' fear.
  3. Skeletons In The Mist: In recent weeks, several nearby villages have reported that the graves of local criminals have been excavated and the corpses stolen. The morning after it happens locally, a dark fog mysteriously rolls into town, and a small army of skeletons marches on a local church, led by a necromancer demanding a magical staff rumored to be hidden within the holy site.
  4. Attack of the Dummies: The party comes across a devastated merchant caravan that had recently been attacked by animated wooden practice dummies stolen from a nearby weapon master's training hall. The wooden golems and the rogue that led them have disappeared into the nearby wilderness, along with the goods from the caravan.
  5. The Buzzing Corpse: A loud buzzing sound in the woods draws the party to investigate. They discover a large mastodon's corpse, covered with a writhing mass of giant mosquitos. Although many are laden with the mastodon's blood, a small hungry swarm still patrols the immediate area, seeking more victims upon which to feed.
  6. All About Caves: A lone child runs across the party's path, crying about his friends. They have fallen through a hole in the earth into a dark cave, and are lying there hurt and injured. The cries of the fallen children have attracted the attention of a number of large insects, who are only being held at bay for the moment by walking staves, and the wounded children are tiring quickly.

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